FarmLogs Unveils New Offer at #Classic16

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farmlogs FarmLogs had a big announcement to make last week at the 2016 Commodity Conference. The upcoming growing season will bring many changes to the company’s offerings, all designed to help them fulfill their mission of helping growers be more profitable. Nitrogen monitoring and variable rate prescriptions top the list of things growers can look forward to from Farmlogs.

In the past growers have used soil sampling to create prescriptions for nitrogen, but FarmLogs is offering another layer to the data used to create a recommendation. Their satellite imagery means any grower in the country can look at a field’s history for the past 6 years for better understanding of nitrogen use.

Obviously seeding population prescriptions can make a big impact, even pay for the cost of the prescription with saved input costs, but nitrogen has an even bigger payback opportunity. Growers must make an educated guess about applying fertilizer at the beginning of the season, but this system allows farmers to respond to weather conditions as the season goes on.

And like all of FarmLogs features, this system is incredibly easy to use. There is no uploading of data, since the prescription comes from satellite images. Subscribers can simply click the prescription tab to see recommendations based on the weather. Each grower can then make their own decisions about the profitability of making another pass through the field based on grain prices or specific farm needs.

So what was the big announcement? FarmLogs is currently offering this nitrogen management system with a money-back guarantee. No questions asked, Jesse Vollmar told Chuck Zimmerman.

“The reason is we believe in what we are building,” Vollmar said. “We’ve seen this work with customers we tested it with last year. The effects are tremendous, they are powerful– even above growers that have been using variable rate techniques on their own for years we were able to deliver better results.”

Offering a product without a lot of risk makes the FarmLogs program pretty special. We’re putting the grower first, Vollmar explain. Its not something you’ll see very often.

Listen to the full interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Jesse Vollmar, FarmLogs”]

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