Trimble Introduces VRI Pressure Tech for Center Pivots

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Irrigation, Variable rate

Trimble has announced an industry-first technology that gets the right amount of water to the right places. Their new Irrigate-IQ optimal flow variable rate irrigation (VRI) solution allows farmers to use VRI on center pivot systems with a standard pumping system or limited well capacity. In the past a grower couldn’t use VRI on a center pivot without risking damage to their equipment but now Irrigate-IQ allows farmers to regulate pressure across the pivot, so they can properly optimize water applications.

“We are excited to offer the new pressure regulating technology to farmers who were previously unable to vary water application across their fields. With Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI, farmers can optimize water use while enjoying peace of mind that their equipment is operating in safe pressure ranges,” said Neil Douglas, Irrigate-IQ market manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “And now, with our recently-announced distribution agreement with Valley Irrigation, more farmers worldwide will have access to Trimble’s VRI solution.”

Irrigate-IQ optimal flow VRI is now available through Trimble’s Vantage reseller network and the Valley Irrigation global dealer network. Farmers currently using optimal flow solutions can upgrade to optimal flow VRI at no additional costs.