MZB Brings Precision Tech to Three Kansas Co-Ops

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Variable rate

Last year Garden City Co-op (GCC) began using MZB Technologies on their precision ag platform. The program has been so successful GCC has been added as a mapping center and two more Kansas cooperatives have also selected to use the MZB software package.

The new agreements with Great Bend Co-Op and Frontier Ag will allow MZB to work closely with advisors to offer customers efficient field data, variable rate fertility prescriptions and multi-hybrid prescriptions.

“Great Bend can now offer MZB to our customers as a perfect fit with our precision ag program,” Mark Bauer, Precision Manager, Great Bend Co-op, says. “Our customers are our most important asset, and we are always working to make sure we have the tools to help them be the most efficient with their inputs.”

“MZB will take Frontier Ag’s precision ag program to the next level,” Katie Harness, Frontier Ag Precision Specialist, says. “With MZB’s zone-based management, we can assist our growers to maximize crop production in the most economical and precise way possible.”