Veris Unveils On-the-Go Sensors at #NFMS17

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Corn prices are not going up and land prices aren’t going down, so farmers need to be more efficient with what they have, said Tyler Lund of Veris Technologies. Farmers drive through the field during harvest and watch yields go up and down where the soil changes, but it takes software to better understand and make the most of those soil types.

That’s where the newly launched on-the-go sensors come into play. “They can be attached to a planter or tillage tool,” Lund explains. “So you mount this to a toolbar and it measures the electrical conductivity or the soil type, and organic matter, so as you’re going across the field you’re getting a real-time measurement of what the soil conditions are like. You can use that data to change the amount of seed, […] and it helps you better manage your nitrogen and with fertility too. So it’s a good tool to help guys collect that data while doing another operation across the field.”

In addition to collecting soil properties, the sensors also record elevation and it builds a map the user can see as they drive through the field. Once the information is loaded to the cloud, Veris checks for data integrity before growers use the information to get prescriptions for nutrients. Online software can even fuse data layers to better understand the needs of different nutrients.

Listen to Chuck’s full interview with Lund to learn more: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tyler Lund, Veris Technologies”]

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