StollerUSA at #ASTACSS

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The 2017 American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo has grown into quite the show over the years and serves as a great place for agribusinesses to communicate their works with their peers and ag media. StollerUSA took advantage of that holding a press conference to discuss their focus. “We are not growing anymore land so we have … Read More

StollerUSA Offering New Formulations

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New formulations from StollerUSA are helping growers to unleash the power of the plant with products like Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus. The refresh of StollerUSA’s very successful Stimulate product offers an early start with a key growth hormone of the plant and an overall longer lasting effect through the growing season. We provide and develop products that allow the … Read More

Plant Growth Regulators – An Essential for Plant Growth

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Chief Chemist and GLobal Director of Compliance for Stoller USA, Dr. Ritesh Sheth, was at the 2017 Ag Media Summit representing Stoller during the Info Expo. A new product they were spreading news about was their Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus, a plant growth regulator (PGR) for optimal yield production. “The reason we are launching this product is that it … Read More

StollerUSA Goes Live from #Classic17

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Stoller USA pulled out all the stops to incorporate the latest technology into their session at Commodity Classic, so we could hardly do any less. In her Facebook LIVE video Shelli Male, Directer Marketing and Communications Manager at Stoller USA, took us through their Start, Grow, Finish system for healthy, well-balanced plants. Watch the video to learn more about what they … Read More

@StollerUSA Showcases Start, Grow, Finish

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Mike Lewallen is a sales and marketing development representative for Stoller USA who attended Commodity Classic to tell growers about the advantages of using hormones to improve yields. Twenty-five years ago Stoller discovered nutrition alone wasn’t enough to bring out the high-end yields they were looking for, so the company began to create formulations that encourage growth at the from … Read More

StollerUSA High-Yielders Impress #Classic17

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Attendees of this year’s Commodity Classic are in San Antonio, Texas this week to learn – and who better to learn from than Stoller‘s panel of top yielding farmers. The Stoller “Break Through Yield Barriers” session not only asked panelists to share about their operations, it also invited the packed crowd to participate by texting answers to poll questions during … Read More

Think Outside-the-Box with StollerUSA

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Farmers need to start thinking differently about plant yields, says Larry Lintner of Stoller. The inside-the-box approach of managing NP&K and handling weed pressure isn’t enough to truly get that-high-end yield potential out of a plant. Instead he encourages growers to use plant science from germination to harvest to keep the plant healthy, balance hormones, and make yields align to … Read More

Farm Different With StollerUSA

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One of the most popular learning sessions at the 2016 Commodity Classic was StollerUSA’s “Farm Different to Break Through Yield Barriers” roundtable discussion, where a panel of growers who have seen continually increasing yields discussed specific cultural and management practices they use to increase yields. “The session is set up to have some of our growers themselves speak, instead of … Read More

StollerUSA and NSP Partner For Sorghum Shootout

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The National Sorghum Producers (NSP) announced the installment of Sorghum Shootout, a new grower program, during the 2016 Commodity Classic. The announcement was made with the support of StollerUSA, NSP’s newest gold partner and Sorghum Shootout sponsor. The Shootout, set to begin in May, is the latest installment of a yield contest held by NSP over the past three years, which … Read More