StollerUSA and NSP Partner For Sorghum Shootout

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classic-16-nsp-blackburn The National Sorghum Producers (NSP) announced the installment of Sorghum Shootout, a new grower program, during the 2016 Commodity Classic. The announcement was made with the support of StollerUSA, NSP’s newest gold partner and Sorghum Shootout sponsor.

The Shootout, set to begin in May, is the latest installment of a yield contest held by NSP over the past three years, which intends to help sorghum producers reach a yield goal of 250 bushels per acre. The campaign chronicles the intense management styles of award-winning growers on their journey to hit milestone records while using ROI-driven techniques and inputs. Followers will get a sneak peek into the unique, intense management styles utilized by each grower throughout the year as they identify their goals, face real-time challenges, develop strategies to overcome those challenges and make in-season adjustments to maximize yield potential.

“We really want to push for those yields and try to have growers see the yield potential that we feel sorghum has,” said Jennifer Blackburn, NSP External Affairs Director. “We want to see the genetic potential of sorghum realized, and we’re really excited to have industry support from Stoller to help us meet this goal.”

Listen to my full interview with Jennifer here:
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classic-16-stoller-morgan A team of StollerUSA agronomists will be directly involved with participating growers throughout the season, helping them adjust and adapt to the season’s changing weather and input patterns. StollerUSA will also provide growers with products needed throughout the season.

The sorghum industry has recently seen unprecedented gains in both production and sales as international demand continues to develop for the crop and new markets continue to open up. Export demand is extremely strong for the hearty, water efficient crop, and NSP is seeing increased support and investment from industry partners like StollerUSA.

“Sorghum is an enticing market for Stoller. There are a number of sorghum acres that are untapped in other states, and as the sorghum market continues to grow and more acres continue to get planted, I think there’s a lot that we can do to help those growers succeed; it seems like its going to be a great fit,” said Jeff Morgan, Marketing Director for StollerUSA. “I hope our relationship with sorghum producers is a long one.”

Listen to my full interview with Jeff here:
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