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classic-16-stollerusa One of the most popular learning sessions at the 2016 Commodity Classic was StollerUSA’s “Farm Different to Break Through Yield Barriers” roundtable discussion, where a panel of growers who have seen continually increasing yields discussed specific cultural and management practices they use to increase yields.

“The session is set up to have some of our growers themselves speak, instead of listening to us talk about what we do,” said Larry Lintner, Regional Manager, in an interview with AgWired. “They’re able to educate other growers on what they’re doing, not necessarily just from our product line, but from their other production practices as well, to increase their yield and be successful.”

The session highlights the StollerUSA Farm Different approach, which encourages growers to embrace new innovations and technologies in their practices. A key component surrounding the approach is Stoller’s comprehensive Start Grow Finish program, which provides specialized products and solutions for each stage of growth, from seed treatments and in-furrow applications, to growth stage post-emergence solutions, and late season applications to fight stress and improve reproductions.

“We take a holistic approach to crop production, we don’t just start the crop out and then forget about it,” said Letner. “We realize that the crop has to begin properly, because the yields that use lose from stress in the early parts of plant growth cannot be recovered later.”

StollerUSA will be hosting Farm Different learning sessions at several events throughout the country this season, allowing StollerUSA growers to tell their Farm Different story in several different local regions.

“We want to reach farmers on the local level so that farmers can get a better understanding of how the program works for their specific regions, and it also allows us to treat to what those farmers are seeing out in their fields and how we can best accommodate them,” said Shelli Male, Marketing Communications Manager. “Plant health is a really big part of keeping the plant healthy and getting a better yield, so we want to be able to explain that to them and show them how the Stoller technology can help them.”

The session tour will kick-off March 10th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Listen to my full interview with Larry and Shelli here:
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