New N-Watch Sites in Challenging Year

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It’s been a challenging weather year for many farmers, but it could provide some very important data on nitrogen movement in the soil at 13 new N-Watch sites in the northeastern part of the state. Justin Moritz, crop specialist with Heritage FS, says it was quite a year to start the management tool that measures plant-available nitrogen in the soil. … Read More

New @GROWMARK Program to Help Young Farmers

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As a young farmer herself with her husband, Heather Thompson knows first-hand some of the challenges facing the new generation of agriculture. “My husband and I are just getting back to our own family farm operation,” says Thompson, who is Young Producer Programs Manager for GROWMARK. Some of the challenges new young farmers face include farming with multiple generations, financial … Read More

HiSoy Golden Sweepstakes Winner

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Matt Davis and his son Adam who farm near Mendota, Illinois are going home from the Farm Progress Show this week with a Meridian Seed Tender, courtesy of GROWMARK and Grainco FS in honor of the 50th anniversary of HiSoy soybeans. “It’s fantastic, I didn’t actually believe it at first,” said Davis when he was awarded his prize at the … Read More

Help @GROWMARK Feed the Hungry

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GROWMARK and the FS System are the folks who make the Farm Progress Show grow and go – so you definitely should stop by and visit them on the corner of Central and Eleventh before the show ends on Thursday afternoon. “We are the official fuel and agronomic sponsor of the field demonstrations here,” says Rachel Moore with the GROWMARK … Read More

FS System Supports #FarmProgressShow

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The GROWMARK FS System is out in full force this week at the 2015 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, helping to support the field demonstrations. Just last week, several FS member cooperatives were honored at the 2015 GROWMARK annual meeting in Chicago. RPA Farmers Co-op of Pleasant Plains, Illinois, won the 2014 CERES Award, named for the Roman goddess of … Read More

GROWMARK Financial Report

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At the GROWMARK annual meeting in Chicago last week, CEO Jim Spradlin reported the estimated year-end financial results for the cooperative to stakeholders in attendance. For fiscal year 2015, the unaudited, estimated sales for GROWMARK are reported to be $8.8 billion with pretax income is estimated at $140 million. An estimated $61 million in patronage refunds will be returned to … Read More

How @GROWMARK Stays Ahead of the Precision Curve

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It’s kind of redundant these days to say “precision farming” since the vast majority of farmers now have adopted some type of precision technology on their operations. But GROWMARK and FS Services have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology and bringing their customers what’s next. “We really started in the precision emphasis back in … Read More