Arable Announces Improved Certainty with Pulsepod

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Dairy, Remote sensing, technology

Arable Labs Inc. pioneered data-driven land management, and now they’re continuing forward with ground-breaking Pulsepod.  This solar powered IoT device offeres advanced sensing technology; a six band spectrometer, 4-way net radiometer and advanced acoustic rain gauge.  Together, these tool provide complete, in-field monitoring, measuring 40 observation streams.  Pulsepod can sense rain, hail, canopy leaf area, crop water demand, environmental stresses, microclimate, … Read More

SLANTRANGE Produces More Efficient Sensors, Analytics

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Data, drone, Remote sensing, technology

SLANTRANGE is a pioneer of smarter solutions to aerial remote sensing and analytics for precision agriculture.  In their attempts to offer new layers of information and provide more control and predictability for agricultural land, the company has produced two new sensors.  The SL2i and SL2p, combined with a new version of SLANTVIEW, the data analytics software, have a total of … Read More

AgSmarts Helps the Environment & Bottom Lines

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Cloud, Remote sensing, technology, Water Management, weather

AgWired is on the ground at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, seeking out all the stories on the latest precision technology.  Lizzy Schults had the chance to talk with AgSmarts founder and CEO, Brett Norman about his company’s environmental sensing products. AgSmarts focuses on providing producers with decision-making tools using sensors in the field that measure conditions like soil temperature, rainfall and … Read More

Farmers Edge Brings New Tech to the US

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Remote sensing, technology

Growers in the US will now have access to the precision agriculture and independent data solutions offered by Farmers Edge.  The global leader in precision ag has announced an American location in Shakopee, MN.  Their services will be available to farmers in all major growing regions of the country. “Our technology is a unique, one-of-a-kind system, that integrates data sources, … Read More

Semios Launches Precision Frost Module

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Remote sensing, technology, weather

Semios, a company that offers precision farming tools for tree fruit, nut, and grape growers, is introducing the Frost Module.  Using sensors placed on each acre of a grower’s property, the Frost Module logs temperature inversions every 10 minutes, provides wet bulb calculations and sprinkler thresholds, taking into account the stage of bud development.  When necessary, a frost alert is … Read More

GEOSYS Promotes Strategy for Remote Sensing

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, InfoAg, Remote sensing

Whether you’re the captain of the football team or a captain of industry… or just captaining your own ship of a farm… one of the keys to success is to have a strategy for that success. At the recent InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, Senior U.S. Account Manager for GEOSYS David Scott did a presentation called Building Your Remote Sensing … Read More

Precision Planting Introduces the vDrive

Talia GoesPlanting, Remote sensing, technology

Precision Planting introduces the vDrive, a new electric drive system for use with 20/20 SeedSense and vSet meters. According to Stoller, the vDrive replaces existing clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cable drives. Instead, an electric drive controls each row individually, as needed, for more precise planting. Chain or cable maintenance is eliminated. SeedSense draws on GPS, radar and gyro … Read More

Soil Sampling and Remote Sensing

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Remote sensing, Soil Sampling

The 2013 Precision Ag Action Summit was held on January 21 & 22 in North Dakota. David Clay of South Dakota State University gave a presentation on “Precision farming, soil sampling, remote sensing for in‐season N recommendations”. In the presentation he asked the question “can we improve our management of an extremely variable system with remote sensing?” Summary from his … Read More

What’s Still Needed For Remote Sensing

Chuck ZimmermanAg Group, Audio, ICPA, Remote sensing

The first of the two keynote speakers at the International Conference on Precision Agriculture is Dr. David Mulla, University of Minnesota. Dr. Mulla is a past chair of the conference btw. His topic was “Key Advances and Remaining Knowledge Gaps in Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture.” So he talked about what we know and what we don’t know. It’s clear … Read More

Precision Technology Helps Conserve Irrigation Water

Kurt LawtonGPS, Irrigation, Remote sensing, Satellite, sustainability

At the recent Holdrege Water Conference in Nebraska, several speakers talked about how precision technology is not only conserving water but saving growers money as well, according to this Nebraska TV report. It really is a big money-saver,” said UNL Extension Educator Chuck Burr. “Several years ago, we had some irrigators figure out how much it costs them to make … Read More