Iteris Announces Partnership with SST Software

Lizzy Schultz

Iteris, Inc. recently announced that they have entered into a content partnership agreement with SST Software in order to to deliver ClearAg agronomic information to SST users and integrate real-time weather insights to help SST users improve operational performance and decision-making. “The integration of Iteris’ ClearAg Platform content into the SST system will provide our customers with the precision weather-based …

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SST Delivers Scouting Tools

Kelly Marshall

Crop scouting is changing– again.  Now SST Software is delivering a greater level of insight with their new SST Analytics platform.  With the new program agronomists and retailers can preform a regional analysis on the crops within their company. “SST Analytics is continuing to develop into a holistic business intelligence (BI) tool that allows retail management to transform regional data …

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AGCO Teams with iMaps

Kelly Marshall

AGCO Corporation has announced a new partnership with iMaps.  Together the team is implementing QlikView, a business intelligence and visualization software that will allow AGCO to analyze a huge amount of complex data from a variety of sources both inside and outside the company to drive business forward.  This collaboration makes AGCO one of the first ag companies to embrace …

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New Agreements Make FieldView Most Connected Platform

Kelly Marshall

Monsanto has just announced several new agreements with agronomic and retailer software systems that will allow farmers to transfer field data between these systems and their Climate FieldView platform. The Climate FieldView gives customized, field-level insights so growers can make the best possible decisions on their farm.  The new agreements mean that decision-making data can be shared with more than 80 …

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AgGateway Makes Systems Communication a Reality

Kelly Marshall

For growers using precision technology communication between different systems has been a major struggle.  Today the Agricultural Data Applications Programming Toolkit, or ADAPT, will allow users to move between software and hardware applications without the major pain points of the past.  AgGateway’s ADAPT Committee is working to with software companies to coordinate plug-ins necessary for ADAPT’s use. “This is the year …

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FarmLink Splits Company to Position Growth

Jamie Johansen

FarmLink has made the decision to split the company into two businesses. FarmLink will focus on advanced data analytics and MachineryLink Solutions will steer towards equipment sharing solutions. “For local farmers, global agribusiness and others across the industry, new technology brings much needed insights and solutions to pull early adopters to the head of the pack. As we talked with …

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MetaFarms Launches Web-based Assessment Tracking

Jamie Johansen

MetaFarms, Inc., launches of Assurance — a new component to web-based platform designed specifically for livestock production audit and assessment tracking. MetaFarms sees an increasing need and demand for a simpler way to enter and track various assessments, such as the Common Swine Industry Audit and PQA Plus, created by the National Pork Board. The Assurance tool will help the …

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Strider Expands Into US With Decision Making Platform

Taylor Truckey

Strider, a well-respected, agriculture-focused tech start-up in Brazil, has recently expanded in the US market. Mainly in Texas as of now, Strider is bringing it’s mission of cutting input costs to the American farmer by helping farmers monitor pests, diseases, and weeds. This platform creates value by taking the information collected by scouts on the field to be evaluated by …

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New HarvestMaster Field Applicator Reduces Error

Kelly Marshall

A provider of data solutions, HarvestMaster has launched a new applicator that allows the grower to apply various treatments to specific plots.   The applicator is set using the HarvestMaster’s Mirus software by a simple software plugin.  This technology reduces error and increases a grower’s productivity. Using the Mirus field applicator plugin, users can select which treatments to apply to …

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Conservis Announces New Software Benefits

Kelly Marshall

If the former method of tracking data in pencil with a spreadsheet no longer fits the needs of today’s farmer, then neither does the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the majority of ag software companies. Conservis is announcing an alternative.  Their new software has unparalleled benefits over other farm management platforms.  The Conserivs Dashboard allows growers to see a “snapshot” of …

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