Esri Talks GIS Technology at InfoAg

Lizzy Schultz

Another company that made a presence at the 2016 InfoAg Conference was Esri.  Esri is a software company that allows growers to integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to help growers manage their land more efficiently with GIS technology. Charlie Magruder, Agriculture Lead, Natural Resources for Esri, sat down with AgWired’s Kelly Marshall during this year’s conference to talk …

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ClearAg Platform Advanced by @Iteris

Joanna Schroeder

What is the right time and the right amount of nitrogen to put on your field? Now growers can have a better answer with the Nitrogen Advisor, a part of Iteris’ ClearAg platform. To learn more, Chuck Zimmerman caught up with Iteris’ Jeff Kaiser who kicked off his remarks by noting that ClearAg is a data analytics platform that the …

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AgGateway Launches ADAPT Version 1

Joanna Schroeder

AgGateway is getting ready to launch version 1 of its ADAPT software solution to the agriculture industry. The announcement was made during this year’s InfoAg that took place in St. Louis, Missouri this week. The AgGateway consortium was founded to address eConnectivity needs in agriculture as the industry develops and adopts more powerful tools to increase efficiency and productivity. One …

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.@Iteris_ClearAg Launches Next Gen WeatherPlot

Joanna Schroeder

Iteris has launched its next generation of WeatherPlot, a precision weather and soil analytics mobile app developed for seed and crop protection companies. The mobile app, designed for use in the field, provides the user with key environmental information. WeatherPlot is available in English and Spanish and can be used on iOS devices, Android devices and mobile web browsers. Built …

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Iteris Announces Partnership with SST Software

Lizzy Schultz

Iteris, Inc. recently announced that they have entered into a content partnership agreement with SST Software in order to to deliver ClearAg agronomic information to SST users and integrate real-time weather insights to help SST users improve operational performance and decision-making. “The integration of Iteris’ ClearAg Platform content into the SST system will provide our customers with the precision weather-based …

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SST Delivers Scouting Tools

Kelly Marshall

Crop scouting is changing– again.  Now SST Software is delivering a greater level of insight with their new SST Analytics platform.  With the new program agronomists and retailers can preform a regional analysis on the crops within their company. “SST Analytics is continuing to develop into a holistic business intelligence (BI) tool that allows retail management to transform regional data …

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AGCO Teams with iMaps

Kelly Marshall

AGCO Corporation has announced a new partnership with iMaps.  Together the team is implementing QlikView, a business intelligence and visualization software that will allow AGCO to analyze a huge amount of complex data from a variety of sources both inside and outside the company to drive business forward.  This collaboration makes AGCO one of the first ag companies to embrace …

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New Agreements Make FieldView Most Connected Platform

Kelly Marshall

Monsanto has just announced several new agreements with agronomic and retailer software systems that will allow farmers to transfer field data between these systems and their Climate FieldView platform. The Climate FieldView gives customized, field-level insights so growers can make the best possible decisions on their farm.  The new agreements mean that decision-making data can be shared with more than 80 …

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