Sentera Releases AgVault Web

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AgVault Web is Sentera‘s new platform that allows easy viewing and sharing of crop health data to any connected device. Users can even send data to those without an active account, making it simpler than ever to get advisory input. “Viewing, sharing, and analyzing crop health data has never been easier for the agriculture industry than with the introduction of … Read More

John Deere Encourages ADAPT Toolkit

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One of the focuses of last week’s Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City was AgGateway‘s new ADAPT Toolkit.  John Deere was a leader in creating the ADAPT program, and they’re making sure the software developers at the conference have the information they need to put it to use. Chip Donahue told Chuck Zimmerman that Deere has developed their own plug-in for the system … Read More

New Boundary Pushes Grower Connections

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Develop with Deere has been hosting all kinds of software developer companies this week, including an organization that has pioneered the Internet of Things.  Kim Pearson is CEO of New Boundary Technologies, a company that has certainly been part of pushing boundaries in precision agriculture. More than 35 years ago they began working with remote monitoring and control– back when PCs were … Read More

IntelinAir Connects to John Deere Operations Center

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Farmers find value in the integration of platforms, which is why IntelinAir‘s Ag-MRI Intelligence System has connected with the John Deere Operation Center.  Using John Deere’s API services the Ag-MRI’s aerial imagery analytics can now be used  with operational and in-field data to provide a comprehensive look at a grower’s fields. Ag-MRI offers sophisticated computer vision and machine learning logarithms to … Read More

Manufacturers Enhance Ability to Use Precision Ag

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My family just lost a full day of harvest when our precision monitor wouldn’t play nicely with the combine, but AgGateway says that is nearly a thing of the past.  A group of equipment manufacturers will soon be releasing products to enhance connectivity across different systems, regardless of brand. “I’m excited to announce the commitment by a lead group of companies … Read More

.@John Deere Providing Total Solutions with MyAgCentral

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One year ago John Deere announced a partnership with DN2K to create a joint venture called Sage Insights. The result of that venture is MyAgCentral, and Pat Pinkston, VP of Technology and Information Solutions, took the time to tell AgWired a little more about the program at the recent InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. MyAgCentral focuses on the needs … Read More

ADAPT Tool Kit is ready from @AgGateway

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If InfoAg had an unofficial theme, it was connectivity, and nowhere was that more important than the AgGateway booth.  Susan Ruland, Communications Director for AgGateway shared with me about the organization whose sole mission is the collaboration between agribusiness companies.  Finding common standards to connect across the food industry has been a goal of theirs for years, anything from sales … Read More

AgGateway Launches ADAPT Version 1

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AgGateway is getting ready to launch version 1 of its ADAPT software solution to the agriculture industry. The announcement was made during this year’s InfoAg that took place in St. Louis, Missouri this week. The AgGateway consortium was founded to address eConnectivity needs in agriculture as the industry develops and adopts more powerful tools to increase efficiency and productivity. One … Read More

AgGateway Offers ADAPT Workshop

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On June 16 AgGateway is hosting a workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota for anyone interested in learning about the new Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit (ADAPT).  This new open-source project allows interoperability in precision agriculture applications.  The one-day session is open to anyone.   The cost is $75 for workshop-only attendees and free to anyone register for AgGateway’s Mid-Year Meeting, June … Read More

Slow Internet Hinders Ag Production

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For many, dealing with slow Internet and poor connections are a thing of the past.  Not so for many living and working in rural America.  In today’s world that lack of access to resources others take for granted can be a serious setback in the business world. “Internet connectivity is what I would consider an enabling technology,” said Terry Griffin, … Read More