Ag Leader Says It’s All About Connectivity

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Ag Leader Russ Mormon works in marketing for Ag Leader and spends a lot of his time at events like this week’s InfoAg Conference. Talking to that many growers has given him a pretty good idea of what farmers are looking for, and right now he says everyone’s asking about connectivity.

That suits Mormon just fine, since Ag Leader is well equipped to meet those needs. Their cloud-based software platform, AgFiniti, has everything needed to make an operation run smoothly, including remote access and control of a machine’s monitor. And if your monitor needs an upgrade, well Ag Leader is ready for that too.

Mormon also hears a lot of questions about their SMS software and its ability to communicate with a variety of third parties. He assures me users can expect to be able to import, export and otherwise connect with many systems.

“What makes SMS software great is the fact that we can do that.  If a guy has a mixed fleet, he’s got some green stuff, some yellow stuff, some red stuff, he only needs one software on his computer at home to make it all work together.”

Learn more about what’s new with Ag Leader in my full interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Russ Mormon, Ag Leader”]

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