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FarmersEdgeTrevor Armitage is the Vice President of Global Operations for Farmers Edge, so he’s certainly the guy to talk to when you want to know what’s new.  I had the chance to speak with him at InfoAg in St. Louis, Missouri this week and he shared a bit about a big component of their grower service; the Farm Command data management platform.

The platform offers whole farm data in one process place, Armitage explains.  You can open one portal to access information about fuel consumption, cleaned-up yield maps, soil test results and much more.  They’ve been working on this platform for the last 18 months and now they’re excited for growers to experience it.

“Our program is very, very good for the grower and it’s very self explanatory,” Armitage says.  “There are a lot of companies out there that do little pieces of it, and our goal is to put it all together and tie it up with one big bow.”

Farmers Edge is growing quickly, with new hardware and software being developed.  You can learn more about the company in my full interview: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Trevor Armitage, FarmersEdge”]

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