SST Delivers Scouting Tools

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Scouting, Software

SST SoftwareCrop scouting is changing– again.  Now SST Software is delivering a greater level of insight with their new SST Analytics platform.  With the new program agronomists and retailers can preform a regional analysis on the crops within their company.

“SST Analytics is continuing to develop into a holistic business intelligence (BI) tool that allows retail management to transform regional data within the company into actionable insights,” said Aaron McIntire, Product Manager for SST Analytics. “Crop scouting helps the precision ag community stay informed of field conditions. We are excited to release these tools to the market, so managers and agronomists can obtain the information needed to help them catch and diagnose problems on a larger scale before major losses occur.”

A report can show current season growth stage progression, soil conditions, crop heights and crop issues across the company’s entire dataset. Managers can use this information to help determine underlying information and better understand severity or density.

“The addition of scouting data in SST Analytics provides the insights needed to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes,” said Matt Waits, SST Software Chief Executive Officer. “The use of scouting datasets will help managers and agronomists make actionable decisions that could economically impact their growers and the company.”

Within a company, results can be narrowed to a single grower to include the number of days since a field was last scouted and the crop issues recorded. Managers can quantify scouting activity by user to analyze where users are scouting and what they are scouting. A comparison analysis between an individual’s scouting activity and other agronomists can also be conducted to evaluate operational productivity.

Information from SST Summit and Sirrus easily integrates into SST Analytics, making it easier for managers to maintain records and view reports in a centralized location. SST Analytics updates on a weekly basis, and users can choose reports to have automatically emailed to them.

Reports are now available. You can learn more about adding SST Analytics to your program by calling 888-377-5334.