AGCO Teams with iMaps

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Machinery, Software

agcoAGCO Corporation has announced a new partnership with iMaps.  Together the team is implementing QlikView, a business intelligence and visualization software that will allow AGCO to analyze a huge amount of complex data from a variety of sources both inside and outside the company to drive business forward.  This collaboration makes AGCO one of the first ag companies to embrace this type of technology.

“QlikView allows AGCO to integrate and unify our 20+ data sources for a complete overview and to centrally evaluate all of that critical data,” says Eric Lescourret, AGCO Director of Advanced Technology Solutions & commercial strategic initiatives in North America.  “We can now seamlessly build the tools we need to analyze and visualize information. AGCO can now be more proactive and predictive and make better-informed decisions, quickly.”

The QlikView solution connects all data sources in one central location and provides AGCO with a meaningful analysis and visualization of all relevant data quickly and in real time. Multiple users and stakeholders are able to access information and benefit from new insights.

As data integration and analysis became more important, AGCO enlisted iMaps as a partner to implement QlikView. To analyze commercial performance a special QlikView app – called Data Driven Commercial Performance (DDCP) – was developed for AGCO… “The DDCP app is enabling AGCO to better track commercial activities as well as our ability to execute our marketing and sales plan, helping us to achieve our retail and market share targets,” explained Lescourret.

AGCO’s North American business will now be able to share data efficiently, benefiting from the interconnectivity and standardized key performance indicators.  Already they’ve seen an amazing improvement in how they can analyze critical areas, set more realistic goals, and reallocate resources and investments.

So far the pilot program in North American has been successful.  AGCO can make smarter, quicker decisions based on market demands, efficiently managing the entire customer journey from the time they first consider purchasing an AGCO brand to the time they need to replace it with a newer piece of equipment.  Based on the success so far AGCO plans to further optimize the tool to provide superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.