Satshot Grows Precision Adoption at Develop with Deere

Kelly Marshall

The most exciting thing about precision agriculture, says Satshot President Lanny Faleide, is seeing farmers adopt it. That was Faleide’s goal in attending the Develop with Deere conference in Kansas City last week. For a smaller company like Satshot, coming on board with John Deere’s Operations Center is like being able to make an app for Apple, he says. They can …

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Satellite Imagery Webinar Offered by Planet Labs

Kelly Marshall

Planet Labs invites you to joint the second webinar in their series covering satellite imagery.  This second session, “From Pixels to Information: Supporting Field Management Across the Growing Season,” will be held on June 1st at 10 am EST and June 2st at 10 am PST.  The program will last 45 minutes and will be hosted by Ryan Schacht, Account Executive, …

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TerraStar-L from NovAtel Ensures Continuous Positioning

Kelly Marshall

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the new 40 centimeter Precise Point Position (PPP) correction service, TerraStar-L.  This new service is a subscription based program that provides GNSS correction data from a satellite to a precision navigation system.  TerraStar-L’s position accuracy makes it perfect for agriculture, GIS or unmanned vehicle navigation, especially around trees, buildings or other obstructions. With the addition of …

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HydroBio Earns Patent for Irrigation Technology

Kelly Marshall

HydroBio began in 2013 with an innovative algorithm.  Today they are an emerging global leader in precision technology with a newly awarded patent for a targeted irrigation management system. The system estimates the water needs of a crop using satellite imagery and weather data.  Each plant becomes a mixture probe, giving growers actionable data and allowing for precise irrigation. HydroBio …

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Farmers Edge Expands Precision Solutions

Kelly Marshall

Earlier this year the global precision agriculture and data management solutions company, Farmers Edge broke into the U.S. market.  Now they’re expanding their presence in the major growing areas of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas. Whereas blue-chip agriculture giants and big data startups rely heavily on existing public data and have stagnated in major …

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Trimble Transforms Data with New Software

Kelly Marshall

Trimble has released a new software solution– the Trimble Remote Sensing Suite.  The new software promises to transform satellite data into high-quality information using satellite imagery processing and software for object-based feature extraction.  The information can be used by geospatial professionals for agriculture, environmental, urban planning and a variety of other applications. “Quickly extracting relevant and accurate information from large …

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Real-Time Data Becoming Crucial for On-Farm Success

Kelly Marshall

In a GEOSYS sponsored a survey of the 2015 InfoAg attendees, 47% reported they plan to use remote imagery services to increase their investments.  Farmers said real-time data and higher yields were their primary reasons for adopting the technology. The data was collected form precision ag specialists, marketing and sales associates, senior managers, IT professionals and agronomists. The greatest challenge …

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History and Future for GEOSYS at InfoAg

Kelly Marshall

Recently Damien Lepoutre, Founder and CEO of GEOSYS, spoke with Jamie at the InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, Mo.  Lepoutre started the company nearly three decades ago when precision ag looked quite a bit different. “When I started this company 27 years ago the concepts you see here, they were already there, but we didn’t have all the technology so we …

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New Decision Making Solutions from GEOSYS

Kelly Marshall

Croptical Monitoring Application and GEOSYS Bridge APE are being added to the GEOSYS lineup to help agronomists bolster precision ag offerings.  The two new programs give critical field insights with three times the number of high resolution in-season satellite maps included in standard contract for ag tech solutions. Croptical™ Monitoring Application uses daily satellite imagery to benchmark a field’s health and compare …

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