New Decision Making Solutions from GEOSYS

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, agronomy, Satellite

geosys_logoCroptical Monitoring Application and GEOSYS Bridge APE are being added to the GEOSYS lineup to help agronomists bolster precision ag offerings.  The two new programs give critical field insights with three times the number of high resolution in-season satellite maps included in standard contract for ag tech solutions.

Croptical™ Monitoring Application uses daily satellite imagery to benchmark a field’s health and compare it to others in the area with the same crop type and similar planting date. This allows agronomists and their customers to better manage their time and resources by focusing on fields that have the highest potential for a response to additional management practices. Agronomists are also able to look more closely into the data for a particular field and view the high-resolution imaging that is available. In addition, Croptical™ Monitoring Application provides access to daily regional weather forecasts and historical weather data.

“Daily satellite imagery allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of crop health throughout the growing season,” said Matthieu Hyrien, global sales and marketing lead, GEOSYS. “This is valuable for correcting potential issues or taking advantage of favorable conditions while there is still time during the growing season to positively impact yield.”

GEOSYS Bridge™ API is easily integrated into existing precision ag solutions to generate and display maps and agronomic data that are delivered directly to a company’s existing ag technology platform.  The program offers two types of high resolution imagery maps: in-season and archive. In-season imagery maps provide current information on crop conditions and variability of crop health within the field at a time when crop decision-makers can respond.  Archive imagery maps allow customers to evaluate the variability and performance of fields over many years and use that information as the basis for the current season’s crop plan. 

“Agriculture companies need high-quality, scalable data they can plug into their platforms to help their customers make the best decisions,” said Hyrien. “Bridge offers companies access to an industry-leading database of both in-season and archived satellite imagery maps to help their customers implement practical and actionable insights that drive ROI.”