Managing Acres with SATSHOT

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infoag15-41-editedThere is no question that the precision agriculture industry is on a steady incline when it comes to growth. While at the 2015 InfoAg Conference precision ag companies were present to share how they can aid farmers in the competitive growing season. Lanny Faleide, president of SATSHOT, sat down with me to explain why all farmers need to get on board when it comes to the benefits of precision ag technology.

“SATSHOT is a company focused on distribution and remote sensing satellite imagery and other imagery sources. We have a full distribution system that allows you to be notified on how your field is growing, how many acres have issues and how good it is. We can take that image and make it an actionable item in your tractor.”

As participants walked through the SATSHOT booth they had to opportunity to use satellite imagery to take a look at their fields right then and there. While I was standing there a grower from the Midwest was checking to see how much water damage his fields at home had suffered.

“We can also look at a region for ag dealers and see all the fields together. This shows how different growers are doing so dealers can bring out more precision ag serves to fit a grower.”

Lanny summed it by saying that they offer the data to allow the precision ag specialist to create services for the grower. This increases profitability for the grower and creates more opportunity for precision technology in general.

Listen to my complete interview with Lanny here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Lanny Faleide, SATSHOT”]

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