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infoag15-39-geosysRecently Damien Lepoutre, Founder and CEO of GEOSYS, spoke with Jamie at the InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, Mo.  Lepoutre started the company nearly three decades ago when precision ag looked quite a bit different.

“When I started this company 27 years ago the concepts you see here, they were already there, but we didn’t have all the technology so we tried to develop the concepts before it was more cumbersome, it was more complex.  But now, with the Internet, with more satellites,  it is easier to provide this service,” Lepourte says of his business, which focuses on providing data via satellites so growers can make better decisions in an increasingly complex environment.

And data is not in short supply.  While many companies are developing software for use in precision farming, GEOSYS has years worth of data to plug into those systems.  For those in the corn belt the company can provide daily images of their fields.

“People want to a have real information when they come to talk to us. They don’t like to see promises.  They want to see stuff they can make use of,” Lepourte notes.

Listen to Jamie’s full interview to hear more.

[wpaudio url=”http://precision.agwired.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2015/08/infoag-15-geosys.mp3″ text=”Damien Lepourte, Founder/CFO of GEOSYS”]

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