DuPont Pioneer Finds Potential Insect Control Traits

Kelly Marshall

Researchers at DuPont Pioneer have discovered a protein from a non-Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacterium source.  Science Magazine published findings that show this protein is a promising alternative for controlling corn root worm in North American  and Europe. “This research represents a breakthrough for addressing a major challenge in agriculture,” said Neal Gutterson, vice president, Research & Development, DuPont Pioneer. “We …

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Accurate Yield Forecasts from Descartes Labs

Kelly Marshall

In August Descartes Labs offered their first 2016 U.S. Corn Yield Forecast and now they’re adding soybeans to the weekly forecast as well. The forecast is significant because the company is using satellites and weather data to analyze spectral signatures for corn, offering information about crop health and relative productivity.  Using a petabyte of data, 30,000 computers and 16 hours …

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Think Outside-the-Box with StollerUSA

Kelly Marshall

Farmers need to start thinking differently about plant yields, says Larry Lintner of Stoller. The inside-the-box approach of managing NP&K and handling weed pressure isn’t enough to truly get that-high-end yield potential out of a plant. Instead he encourages growers to use plant science from germination to harvest to keep the plant healthy, balance hormones, and make yields align to …

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#Corn Growers at #FarmProgressShow

Cindy Zimmerman

Officers of the National Corn Growers Association spent time with media, farmers, industry partners and academics during the 2016 Farm Progress Show this week to share the organization’s key priorities and messages. The clear intent of our effort is to communicate the economic challenges farmers are facing and leverage NCGA’s position as a thought leader to raise awareness and drive …

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Eight Row Folding Corn Head Unveiled by @JohnDeere

Kelly Marshall

Brand new from John Deere is an option for an 8-row folding corn head.  The 608FC corn head can be used with group 6 and 7 S-Series combines, offering an easier solution for transporting on narrow roads.  It also eliminates the need for header trailers, tow vehicles and related manpower. “Harvesting with a new John Deere 8 row folding corn …

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Iowa Farmers Call for Cooperation in Biotech Trade Issues

Kelly Marshall

The International Maize Alliance (MAIZALL) sent representatives to Sao Paulo, Brazil last month for the 2016 Global Agribusiness Forum.  Pam Johnson, former president of the Nation Corn Growers Association (NCGA), and Julius Schaff, former chair of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) represented Iowa Corn farmers as part of the coalition to address the challenges of innovation and food security.  Both …

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DuPont Pioneer Soil Fertility Study Shows P & K Deficiencies

Jamie Johansen

A new DuPont Pioneer study conducted across 12 Corn Belt states demonstrates that growers may be leaving profit potential in the field each season if they don’t carefully manage phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels. The research confirms P and K deficiencies can make a real difference in both yield potential and grain quality and that developing a fertility management …

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US Corn Exports to Malaysian Resumes

Kelly Marshall

It’s been five years since U.S. grain landed in Malaysia.  Member of the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) were recently on hand to welcome the first vessel of corn into the country since the drought in 2012/13.  The grain was loaded from the Pacific Northwest and was sold from one USGC member to another, destined for serval key USGC allies. “This …

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Online Forms for NCGA Yield Contest Available

Kelly Marshall

With harvest already beginning in some areas of the U.S., the National Corn Growers Association is ready for the 2016 Yield Contest.  Online harvest forms are now available, and the deadline, which seems distant now, is seven business days of the final yield check or November 21, whichever comes first. “While harvest has only begun in a few areas, we …

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Pioneer Demonstrates CRISPR-Cas Potential

Kelly Marshall

DuPont Pioneer researchers  have been working with an advanced plant breeding technology known as CRISPR-Cas.  Now the Plant Biotechnology Journal has reported their success in improving a corn plant’s own ability to withstand drought stress. “Rapid population growth coupled with limited resources and climate change requires innovation to keep pace at a similarly rapid rate,” said Neal Gutterson, vice president, …

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