BASF Spotlights Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 at #FPS18

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A semi truck wrapped with a Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 message greeted visitors to the Farm Progress Show last week, letting them know that this revolutionary biological is now part of the BASF portfolio.

“Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 enhances the microbial activity around the corn root and the result is greater nutrient availability and uptake by the growing plant,” said Kerry Grossweiler with BASF during an interview at FPS. The main addition to the insecticide/nematicide combination of Poncho/VOTiVO is soil health benefits.

The acquisition of Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 by BASF from Bayer was only finalized a few weeks before Farm Progress, so representatives are working to assure growers that the product will still be available for the 2019 planting season as planned. “We want growers to go in and talk to their seed retailers and dealers and ask for more information about Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0,” Grossweiler said.

As the 2.0 implies, this product is an improvement over Poncho/VOTiVO, which is already used on over 40 million acres. “Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 brings a new biologic, a new bacteria to the soil, and brings 2.8 bushels per acre greater than Poncho/VOTiVO,” James Rutledge, Product Development.

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