Your Comments On GM Ethanol Corn Requested

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The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is seeking comments until July 6 on the proposed petition to deregulate genetically modified (GM) corn that improves ethanol production. The petition for deregulation, submitted by Syngenta Seeds Inc., is in accordance with APHIS’ regulations concerning the introduction of genetically-engineered organisms and products and is available for the public’s review and … Read More

New Precision Weather Growing Degree Days Tool

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Track your current and past Growing Degree Days (GDD) to help with crop scouting for pests using a new tool developed through the joint efforts of Monsanto and The Weather Channel. Since the January launch of The Weather Channel’s ‘Agriculture News & Forecast’ web page, growers who used the site requested the addition of a GDD calculator. To access the … Read More

Precision Crop Technology Proves Sustainability

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While anti-agriculture naysayers continue to blast away at GM crops as the end of the world, it’s our duty to offer sound science to the discussion. To this end, a recent study by the British-based PG Economics offers some statistics on the value of biotech crops…as discussed in a recent Nebraska Corn Kernels blog post. Biotech crops help reduce greenhouse … Read More

Precision Farming Data Will Pay

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The early pioneers of precision agriculture technology were often frustrated–not unlike the initial stages of any technology. The data gathered could produce impressive yield maps, but the knowledge base to glean better management decisions from them was lacking. Today, those pioneering growers have a treasure trove of data that can possibly be manipulated into zones–leading to improved management decisions. Corn … Read More

New GreenSeeker Precision Products To Save Fertilizer

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GreenSeeker, the optical-sensing system from N-Tech that applies the right amount of Nitrogen based on plant readings from on-the-go sensors, offers several new products. The GreenSeeker RT200-4 Variable Rate Application and Mapping System uses four sensors across an applicator rig that is 60 ft. wide or smaller. Suggested list price is $18,500. The GreenSeeker RT150-3 Mapping System produces high-quality real-time … Read More

Variable-Rate Fertilizer Gains Speed and Precision

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The cost of fertilizer has more growers looking for increased efficiency. And growers I talk to who use soil sampling, fertility maps and the variable-rate technology of precision farming are very pleased with the results. One tool that growers are excited about is the new high-speed anhydrous toolbar that John Deere introduced last summer. The 2510 Series of nutrient applicators … Read More

Precision Farming Success Starts With The Seed

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You can have the best precision farming technology that exists, but without the right seed matched to the right field and to your farming practices, you won’t realize optimum yield. Selecting seed genetics is the most important task growers face every fall and winter, because as you know it has a tremendous impact on profitability. And that decision has become … Read More

Precision Ag Can Help Harvest Down Corn

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At the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention in Kansas City last week I spoke once again with Laura Robson, Senior Marketing Manager, John Deere. This is actually a picture of Laura from Commodity Classic earlier this year. I asked Laura what Deere is doing in the precision area that will help farmers who are still trying to get their … Read More