Intergro Launches Innovative Line of Bioenhancers

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Agricultural Solutions, a subsidiary of Intergro, Inc., is launching a new portfolio of products. Registrations are being obtained in the U.S. for patent-pending microbial-based formulations that help improve soil and plant health, as well as stress resistance. NutriBoom: A line of natural fertilizers (NutriBoom, NutriBoom Powder and NutriBoom Plus) scientifically proven to stimulate the soil microbiome, particularly microbes associated with … Read More

BASF Spotlights Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 at #FPS18

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A semi truck wrapped with a Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 message greeted visitors to the Farm Progress Show last week, letting them know that this revolutionary biological is now part of the BASF portfolio. “Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 enhances the microbial activity around the corn root and the result is greater nutrient availability and uptake by the growing plant,” said Kerry Grossweiler with BASF … Read More

NewLeaf Symbiotics Offers New Class of Biologicals

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NewLeaf Symbiotics launched a new class of agricultural biologicals this year. Terrasym nutrient-enhancing products are natural, beneficial biologicals called M-trophs. Terrasym 401 is a seed treatment for soybeans that maximizes the yield potential by enhancing plant nutrition and Terrasym 402 is a bio-complement applied to peanuts that provides season-long performance and significantly higher yields. Both products are marketed through a … Read More

Inocucor’s Biological Crop Input is Certified Organic

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Inocucor Technologies‘ biological crop input, Synergro, has been granted organic certification for use in Canada. The approval means the product is in compliance with Canadian Organic Standards and the USDA’s National Organic Program. It is one of the first microbial crop inputs to be registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Synergro can be used on high-value produce like strawberries, tomatoes, … Read More

Brookside Agra Encourages Biological for Health Soil

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Getting the most out of soil and biomass after harvest is important, and using biologicals can be part of that, says Ben Elliott, Vice-Presiden of Agronomy Operations at Brookside Agra.  A biological with components to support growth, like the all-natural H2O Excel can break down biomass quickly, making nutrients available to plants in time for spring planting. “In what I … Read More

FMC in the Biologicals Market

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Biological controls are the new frontier in crop protection and FMC Corporation has made a strong commitment to expand its portfolio in that arena. “We’ve got a number of projects in play right now that are biological controls,” said FMC portfolio manager Rick Ekins at the National Farm Machinery Show. “This is about expanding the level of control, it’s about … Read More

FMC Ethos XB at #NFMS16

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All farmers want to protect and nurture every seed from the moment they place it in the ground, and that is exactly what FMC’s Ethos XB is designed to do. With planting season just around the corner, FMC portfolio manager Rick Ekins was telling growers at the National Farm Machinery Show last week about this insecticide/fungicide in-furrow solution that offers … Read More

Biological Nematicide Market Growing

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A new report says biological nematicides are the quickest growing control method over the last six years. This news release from consulting and research firm Kline says its Nematicide Market: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report shows the market has grown nearly 20 percent, with most of the growth in field crops and biological products occurring in the United States. … Read More

Koch Aquires Mendel Biologicals Business

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A subsidiary of Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) has purchased the biological research and development business of Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. “As global population increases so does food demand, and growers are challenged to produce more crops to meet the need,” said Bill Boycott, KAS vice president of biologicals. “The Mendel team has expertise in understanding how plant processes, such as photosynthesis, … Read More