More R&D from BASF Acquiring Becker Underwood

Cindy Zimmerman

The recent acquisition of Becker Underwood by BASF is more than just putting the two companies together. It means more research and development as each is able to look at the other’s advancements and see how they might be able to combine products for maximum efficiency “Both companies are bringing together a lot of existing technology that we’re starting to …

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VAULT HP for More Precise Soybean Nitrogen Fixing

John Davis

One of the biggest concerns for any ag operation is getting the most out of your inputs. During the recent tour of BASF‘s newly acquired Becker Underwood St.Joseph, Mo. seed facility, Russ Berndt, product manager for legumes and northern crops for Becker Underwood, talked about the symbiotic relationship soybeans have with the living organism rhizobia, a soil bacteria that fixes …

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Diverse Herbicide Program Needed for 2013

Talia Goes

Common waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, giant and common ragweed, Italian ryegrass and marestail are all part of a growing group of yield-reducing “watch-out” weeds in the United States. With confirmed resistance to multiple herbicides, these species are top of mind for farmers this season. According to the Weed Science Society of America, weeds cause more yield loss and add more to …

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BASF Spotlights Science Behind Successful Growers

Cindy Zimmerman

BASF Ag Products spotlighted a couple of very successful and innovative farmers during the Science Behind event prior to Commodity Classic this year. Randy Dowdy of Georgia just got into the farming business in 2006 and has already been a multiple National Corn Yield Contest winner on pretty marginal farm land that he bought as an investment. “University guy told …

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Six Secrets of Soybean Success

Cindy Zimmerman

University of Illinois Crop Physiologist Dr. Fred Below of Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World fame revealed his Six Secrets of Soybean Success to growers for the first time last week at the 2013 Commodity Classic, thanks to BASF Crop Protection products. Dr. Below was joined by BASF Technical Crop Production Specialist AJ Woodyard for the educational session that …

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Precision Farmer Profile – Mike Cox of Indiana

Cindy Zimmerman

Mike Cox of Indiana was one of more than 250 innovative farmers from around the country who attended the recent BASF Crop Protection grower symposium in Fort Lauderdale highlihgting “Fields of Opportunity” for the future of agricultural productivity. Mike Cox is a corn and soybean farmer from Indiana who really enjoyed the symposium, interacting with fellow producers from around the …

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Precision Farmer Profile – Jay Drees of Iowa

Cindy Zimmerman

More than 250 of the nation’s most innovative farmers recently were invited to attend the recent BASF Crop Protection grower symposium in Fort Lauderdale highlighting “Fields of Opportunity” for the future of agricultural productivity. Among them was Jay Drees of Iowa. “I’m a second generation farmer. We basically raise corn and soybeans,” Jay said. He also serves on BASF’s Grower …

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BASF & John Deere Team to Help Soybean Growers

Cindy Zimmerman

BASF Crop Protection and John Deere have teamed up to help soybean farmers fight disease with an effective fungicide and a targeted way to apply it. Soybean growers who purchase $300 or more of Priaxor™ fungicide from BASF before March 15, 2013, may qualify to purchase John Deere spray nozzles between April 1 and May 31, 2013 with no payments …

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Cindy Zimmerman

BASF Crop Protection held a grower symposium in Fort Lauderdale this month, inviting 275 of the nation’s most innovative farmers to attend. The theme of the symposium was “Fields of Opportunity” and some of the ways farming has improved in recent years and what is ahead for the future. “Our farm doesn’t look anything like it did even ten years …

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Helping Rice Growers Manage Tough Weeds

Melissa Sandfort

During the 2012 Rice Outlook Conference, BASF Crop Protection and FMC Corporation announced that Command herbicide is now recommended for use in the Clearfield Production System for rice. Command herbicide adds value to growers by controlling tough grasses in rice production, which can rob growers of yield. Weed management in rice has become more challenging as weed species are developing …

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