Herbicide Application Done Right

Jamie JohansenAudio, BASF, Farm Progress Show

fps-13-137-editedConsultant for BASF, Dr. Bob Wolf, spoke at the BASF press conference during last week’s Farm Progress Show. Their On Target Application Academy was the topic of discussion and how it’s three goals of increasing efficiency, minimizing off-target movement and safety are their focal point. Dr. Wolf also stressed the importance of the nozzle size, lowering the boom and labeling.

“Those are basic goals that any person applying a crop protection product should follow. There job is to and control the pests and they need to do that without drifting the product into an area that might cause damage. Either crop damage or damage to animals or people. With the size of farms people have today, they have a lot of acres to spray and they need to do it efficiently and they need to remember the safety aspects when working with crop chemicals.”

The On Target Application Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity that provides growers extensive hands-on training for better awareness of herbicide application.

Looking into 2014, both BASF and Dr. Wolf are looking to hold more workshops to increase the awareness of the correct and more efficient application process. For more information on an academy in your area click here.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Wolf here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/farm-progress/fps-13-basf-wolf.mp3″ text=”Interview with Dr. Bob Wolf”]

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