Time To Kick Pre-harvest Checks Into Gear

Kurt Lawton

As we’re well into the dog days of summer, Midwest corn and soybean harvest is looming larger. If you haven’t started combine prep already, it’s time to dust off those owner’s manuals to fine-tune the machine and its data-gathering electronics. Ag Leader Technology, a sponsor of precision.agwired.com, offers some good advice in a pre-harvest checklist for owners of their InSight …

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Precision Ag Retailer Blogs To Customers And Fans

Kurt Lawton

Does your precision technology provider deliver good information to you in methods beyond direct contact or a Website? A good lesson regarding customer service and expanded ways to connect with customers comes from precision agriculture solutions provider HTS Precision Ag, based in Harlan, Iowa. For example, check out their blog called “Precision Ag Explained,” where Adam Gittins posts weekly insights …

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InfoAg Talk: Understand Nutrient Variability

Kurt Lawton

Growers need to focus on getting the right nutrient source applied at the right time, rate and place, says Steve Phillips, southeast region director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). In his talk at the recent InfoAg precision agriculture conference, Phillips outlined the top 10 reasons why we need to understand spatial variability for nutrient management. 10. We need …

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InfoAg Talk: Soil Management Zones Increase N Efficiency

Kurt Lawton

Ten years of research by Dr. Raj Khosla and his precision agriculture grad students at Colorado State University has produced a soil color based management zone technique that accurately optimizes Nitrogen use efficiency within and across zones in given corn fields. “Once farmers realize the value of varying N rates based on field productivity zones, most want to add more …

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New Prescription N Application Sensor

Kurt Lawton

At this week’s InfoAg 2009 conference, precision.agwired.com caught up with Ag Leader Technology’s Roger Zielke to discuss a new sensor-driven product designed to help growers apply prescription Nitrogen rates by measuring the health of the growing crop. Zielke, who heads up new business development for Ag Leader, describes how this Holland Scientific light sensor reads light reflectance of the growing …

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Virtual Weather Technology Helps Agronomic Decisions

Kurt Lawton

At this week’s InfoAg 2009 precision farming conference, National Corn Grower Association yield champion David Hula of Renwood Farms in eastern Virginia gave a presentation on technology and productivity. As a seed producer, he likes to keep his customers informed on proper planting dates. One technology he uses to do this is Skybit.com. Hula says this virtual weather station accurately …

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Plan Now For Better Fall Fertilizer Control

Kurt Lawton

With corn tassels popping rapidly across the Corn Belt, growers continue scouting and are beginning to think about harvest prep work as well as fall fertilization strategies. While attending this week’s InfoAg 2009 conference, precision.agwired.com caught up with Ag Leader Technology’s Jeff Bentley to gain more insight into grower use of accurate fertilizer control. In this interview, Bentley, who heads …

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Rugged Handheld Mobile PC With GPS

Kurt Lawton

Continuing coverage of InfoAg 2009 conference here at precision.agwired.com also includes some news updates from our sponsor, Ag Leader Technologies. One of the products that jumps out at you in their booth is the bright orange rubberized SMS Mobile Field PC—which looks tough enough to play football with in the rain and mud. Seriously though, it truly can withstand field …

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Ag Leader Builds Precision Farming Training Facility

Kurt Lawton

One of the leading manufacturers of precision agriculture equipment, Ag Leader Technology, is adding a training facility dedicated to provide specialized, hands-on training of precision farming systems. “As precision farming solutions continue to advance, it is important that the education and training of these technologies keep pace,” said Al Myers, President of Ag Leader.  “We want to promote precision farming …

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