Virtual Weather Technology Helps Agronomic Decisions

Kurt LawtonAg Leader, Audio, Corn, Education, Farmers, Planting, Resources, weather

At this week’s InfoAg 2009 precision farming conference, National Corn Grower Association yield champion David Hula of Renwood Farms in eastern Virginia gave a presentation on technology and productivity.

As a seed producer, he likes to keep his customers informed on proper planting dates. One technology he uses to do this is Hula says this virtual weather station accurately tracks soil temperature, which he ground-truthed for accuracy, so he can alert his customers to fire up the planters when the soil hits the right temperature combined with an upcoming warming trend. He also likes the disease modeling capabilities to time fungicide application. And he can include this weather data as an overlay to his yield maps.

Listen to Hula discuss this technology…[audio:] coverage of the InfoAg 2009 Conference is sponsored by: Ag Leader Technology.