Ag Leader Builds Precision Farming Training Facility

Kurt LawtonAg Leader, Company Announcement, Education, Equipment, GPS, Industry News

One of the leading manufacturers of precision agriculture equipment, Ag Leader Technology, is adding a training facility dedicated to provide specialized, hands-on training of precision farming systems.

“As precision farming solutions continue to advance, it is important that the education and training of these technologies keep pace,” said Al Myers, President of Ag Leader.  “We want to promote precision farming knowledge and skills as more people use these solutions to improve the efficiency of their farming operations.”

The building, just west of Ag Leader’s current facility in Ames, Iowa, will feature a 12,000 square-foot equipment showroom where large equipment will be used for installation trainings and other demonstrations. There will also be two general classrooms, providing more opportunity for hands-on participation, and a computer lab designed for SMS™ Software training sessions.

“By providing valuable resources to the precision ag industry, Ag Leader Academy will be a unique opportunity to offer more training sessions and expand our training capacity in order to promote precision farming knowledge,” said Myers.

Educational sessions on various topics will take place regularly at the facility, including training on Ag Leader’s products. Sessions will be customized for Ag Leader dealers and customers as well as for other industry personnel. Ag Leader will also continue to offer their in-field training sessions.

Ag Leader Academy is expected to be completed in November 2009. For valuable information on the company and its products, check out their Insights newsletter and their customer support efforts that are invaluable to their products and software.