Precision Ag on RFD-TV

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Jeff Kaiser Want to find out more about precision agriculture in living color? You can on March 19th at 8 pm Eastern.

Tune in to RFD-TV “Live” with John Deere and learn how easy it can be to put today’s precision ag technologies to work in your operation.

They will take a look at some of the common misconceptions surrounding precision ag technologies and show you how these time, labor and money-saving technologies can be incorporated into a wide range of farming operations.

Plus, you can call in and visit with a panel of experts who will answer your precision farming questions.

Don’t miss “Precision Farming – It’s not for me, is it?”, hosted by Farm Broadcaster Max Armstrong on RFD-TV “Live” with John Deere – Monday, March 19th at 8 p.m Eastern.

The Precision Ag Minute

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Precision MinuteThis Precision Ag Minute is about how John Deere’s AutoTrac system is a good investment.

Peter Shinn with Brownfield Network talked to Burt Heinrick of Texas about how the system helped him see immediate results. “In today’s time in agriculture, we can’t mess around too much. We gotta get ‘er done,” says Heinrick.

You can listen to the latest Precision Ag Minute here: Listen to MP3 Precision Ag Minute 3 (1 min mp3)

OptiGro Sound Bite

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Jeff Kaiser Jeff KaiserHere is a short sound bite, courtesy of Cyndi Young with Brownfield Network, that explains the advantage of John Deere’s OptiGro System for corn and wheat growers in less than 30 seconds. Jeff Kaiser with John Deere’s Agri Services does the explaining.

“The real difference is getting an image when you want it and getting it quickly after it’s taken,” Jeff says. “You can order it on Monday, get it back on Wednesday. You can have a sprayer in there Wednesday afternoon spraying nitrogen on the crop if you need to.”

Cyndi interviewed Jeff at the Commodity Classic in Tampa. Listen to MP3 Jeff Kaiser (:30 mp3) With Sprayers

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John Deere Sprayer The industry leader in sprayers is even better with precision technology.

The John Deere 4720 was on display at the 2007 Commodity Classic, pictured here with Craig Weynand, Division Marketing Manager for John Deere Sprayers. Weynand says the 4720 is their most popular sprayer, “This machine is really tailored to the corn and soybean producer in the Midwest and the cotton producer in the South.”

Precision technology like GreenStar™ AutoTrac assisted steering system and Swath Control Pro make the 4720 even more popular.

Swath Control Pro controls boom sections in the 4720 and 4920 Self Propelled Sprayers. Swath Control Pro utilizes Global Positioning System to turn boom sections on and off automatically, according to a coverage map where the operator and machine have previously applied product or created an internal or external boundaries that is not to be sprayed.

Listen to an interview with Craig about John Deere sprayers. Listen to MP3 Craig interview (5 min mp3)

Reports From Classic

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Randy Koenen The president-elect of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting sent in a couple of interviews he did at Commodity Classic about precision agriculture.

Randy Koenen of KTIC/KWPN/Rural Radio Network in West Point, Nebraska interviewed Laura Robson of John Deere AMS about the “Reach for the Stars” program.
Listen to MP3 Randy Interview with Laura (1:30 min mp3)

Randy also talked with Kyle Collins of John Deere AMS about Swath Control Pro.
Listen to MP3 Randy Interview with Kyle (2 min mp3)

Last, but not least, Randy talked about OptiGro with Deere’s John Mann.
Listen to MP3 Randy Interview with John (2 min mp3)

Soybean Grower Award for John Deere

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Borgman Award Deere and Company was honored for its support of the American Soybean Association at the organization’s annual banquet last week in Tampa. Accepting the award from ASA President Rick Ostlie (right) on behalf of John Deere was Don Borgman, director of Agricultural Industry Relations for John Deere’s North American operation.

Deere partnered with ASA on the “Reach for the Stars” contest to help U.S. soybean producers learn more about precision ag systems and how they fit into all types of operations. ASA announced the winners of that contest during the 2007 Commodity Classic last week.

ASA and John Deere will stay in contact with each winner during the year to learn about their experience with installation and utilization of their new precision ag system. ASA First Vice President John Hoffman, a soybean producer from Waterloo, Iowa says, “We are eager to learn how precision ag has brought more productivity to their farms, and will share this information in the future on ASA’s Web site”

Earlier this year, ASA mailed a packet of precision ag information to more than 1,400 growers in soybean production areas across the country. ASA and John Deere AMS personnel will also hold a series of regional grower education meetings this summer and next winter. Date and cities for the summer meetings will be announced in June.

The Precision Ag Minute

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Precision MinuteThis Precision Ag Minute is about how yield monitors can help increase profits.

Peter Shinn with Brownfield Network talked to one Nebraska farmer about how grid sampling showed him how much his farm’s nutrient demands vary, which is helping him save money.

Find out more about John Deere’s Harvest Doc and Harvest Monitor here.

You can listen to the latest Precision Ag Minute here: Listen to MP3 Precision Ag Minute 2 (1 min mp3)

Commodity Classic Photo Album

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Commodity Classic Precision agriculture was definitely in the spotlight at the 2007 Commodity Classic in Tampa. Attendance at the meeting was over 4,000 with wheat growers joining the corn and soybean grower groups for the first time.

Here’s a link to a set of photos from around and about the show. Take a look and see if you spot anyone you know!

Introducing Corn and Wheat OptiGro to the Media

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OptiGro Press Conference There are about 100 agricultural reporters attending the 2007 Commodity Classic this week in Tampa who are busy writing, recording and photographing the events and products to bring back to those who are unable to attend. Many of those reporters were on hand Friday for the introduction of John Deere’s OptiGro System for corn and wheat growers.

John Mann, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for John Deere Agri-Services, told the press conference how the OptiGro system can help growers realize significant nitrogen savings at crucial times in the growing season. “It’s the ability to put the nutrients in the right place at the right time for the right cost,” he said.

OptiGro DemoThe way it works is digital aerial photographs are taken of a field and the information is relayed back to an agronomic adviser online. Special software (the OptiGro Zone Maker program) translates the images into management zones with similar plant characteristics, based on reflected light.

“The advisor then checks the zones and scouts the fields to determine crop needs and writes a prescription for each zone,” Mann says.

Reporters had lots of good questions for Mann. For instance, how is this system being delivered to growers? “We want to give growers the ability to work with the person they are most familiar with,” said Mann. That can be a local John Deere dealer, an agronomic advisor or a certified staff crop advisor. “The only thing that we ask is that there be some type of precision ag expertise in the loop,” Mann said.

As for price, Mann says it varies, but is “somewhere in the 2 1/4 to 3 1/2 an acre range.”

Find out more at John Deere AgriServices online.

Listen to Mann’s full press conference, including answers to questions from the reporters – although the questions were not audible so have been edited out. Listen to MP3 John Mann Press Conference (15 min mp3)