Semios Launches Precision Frost Module

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Remote sensing, technology, weather

Frost Screen Monitoring (PRNewsFoto/Semios)

Frost Screen Monitoring (PRNewsFoto/Semios)

Semios, a company that offers precision farming tools for tree fruit, nut, and grape growers, is introducing the Frost Module.  Using sensors placed on each acre of a grower’s property, the Frost Module logs temperature inversions every 10 minutes, provides wet bulb calculations and sprinkler thresholds, taking into account the stage of bud development.  When necessary, a frost alert is sent to the farmer by text or email, allowing growers to either take action or get a good night’s sleep.

The Frost Module joins a Semios line-up that gives farmers 24/7 remote access to the conditions of their fields.  Other available modules include Pest Management, Disease Control and Irrigation Management.

Mr. Scott Hassle of Berrybrook Enterprises, said, “Having Semios Frost Alert text me with the data I needed to know, made my decision to start the wind machines a lot easier. I was able to return indoors and watch the graphs map the evolving field conditions, giving me peace of mind.”

Mr. Hassle reports that his farm went online with the Frost Module the day before the first frost for his farm and found the program easy to use.

In 2015, this service was launched to existing Semios customers on 5,000 acres of apple, pear, grapes, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and citrus orchards. Each sensor station has the ability to run any module, so a simple activation by Semios is all that is required. Modules have video tutorials and Semios customer support is available 24/7. The cost for the Semios Frost Module is $10 US per acre per year. Subscription platform packages start at $60 US per acre per year.