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MSFGS-16-NormanAgWired is on the ground at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, seeking out all the stories on the latest precision technology.  Lizzy Schults had the chance to talk with AgSmarts founder and CEO, Brett Norman about his company’s environmental sensing products.

AgSmarts focuses on providing producers with decision-making tools using sensors in the field that measure conditions like soil temperature, rainfall and windspeed.  The stations can be connected to the cloud, as well as to each other so farmers can monitor many stations through one modem.

“We’re getting the word out that… technology like ours can help them make better decisions about everything from irrigation management to input delivery timing to when they need to drill or plant their seeds based on the environmental feedback that comes from their fields,” Norman tell us.

The overall benefits from using these sensors is both environmental, with better water management and less fuel and energy usage, but also financial, since growers can get better yields by knowing what their crops need and when.

AgSmarts service providers will handle the 10-15 minute install right in the field, and the company is looking to increase their dealer partners.  If you’re interested in technology like this on your farm, check their website to find a dealer, work directly with AgSmarts, or suggest a dealer in your area to provide support.

Learn more in this interview with Brett Norman:
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