Training Can Truly Speed Precision Ag Adoption

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As with any piece of machinery, computer, etc., there’s always a bit of a learning curve. Same goes for precision farming equipment. A good dealer with good technicians can be worth their weight in gold. But good ongoing training from a manufacturer can really help speed the adoption process. To that end, this week I asked Jessica Reis, Marketing Communications … Read More

Deere Offers RowCommand For Chain-Drive Planters

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John Deere’s RowCommand, which allows for seed savings by avoiding overplanting, is now available for chain-drive planters. Introduced in 2008 for Pro-Shaft drive planters with MaxEmerge and Pro-Series XP row units, RowCommand has become a widely used planter component for many row-crop producers. “As the cost of seed continues to rise, more producers are looking for ways to maximize their seed investment through … Read More

Crop Consultants Help Precision Farming Strategies

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When the term ‘crop consultant’ comes to mind, growers often think in terms of scouting, insects, diseases, soil fertility and testing, and perhaps input buying recommendations. But have you stopped to think about their value in helping you properly invest in tools of precision agriculture? Retailers who sell precision ag equipment know the technology, but do they know your operation … Read More

2009 Top Stories on – Products

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! In our final installment of looking back at the top stories of 2009, here’s a list of newsworthy stories that featured new or updated products. I list the stories starting with the most current from December, working back to January of 2009. No ranking of importance is included…but feel free to post your comments about these products. … Read More

2009 Top Stories on – July to December

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Yesterday, I provided my list of the “Best of 2009” for  January through June. Today’s list of stories runs from July through December. And tomorrow, look for the top product-related stories of the year. I hope you continue to find value in the information provided. And, as always, we appreciate any and all comments from our readers. Enjoy. And … Read More

Technology Helps Farmers Plant and Fertilize More Precisely

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Precision guidance, autopilot and other precision agriculture technologies can give farmers yield advantages and input savings when implemented into certain cropping systems, said a Purdue University agronomist. “Automatic guidance gives producers precision farming capabilities throughout the growing season by allowing them to map tillage operations and crop planting, spraying and harvest, and can help tailor fertilizer and chemical applications to … Read More

Nebraska Technology Conference Coming in January

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All agricultural technology enthusiasts are invited to attend the 10th Annual Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Association Conference (NEATA), January 27-28, 2010 at the Midtown Holiday Inn, Grand Island, NE. Pre-conference programs will focus on Optimizing Pivot Irrigation Management (9:00 to 4:00) and Social Media Applications in Agriculture (1:00 – 4:00) will be offered the afternoon of January 27. The conference opens Wednesday … Read More

Precision Farming 2009: What We Learned

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In general, the past year in the world of precision agriculture has been one of consolidation among industry players. “We’ve really streamlined into 4 or 5 major players in precision ag,” says Matt Darr, Iowa State University Ag Engineer. “Rather than a lot of companies that offer a segment of products, we’re getting down to a core set of companies … Read More

Precision Farming Technology That Pays

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Yield monitor data, auto-guidance and planter/sprayer section controls are helping growers improve their bottom line, according to Indiana farmer Doug Davenport–as reported in Indiana Prairie Farmer. Speaking on a precision farming panel discussion, Davenport highlighted his list of precision efficiencies: Yield monitor data proves need for tiling, and how it will pay Auto-guidance allows for needed long days of planting, … Read More

The Move To Automatic Steering

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As more mainstream mid-sized farmers move further into precision farming tools beyond the yield monitor or lightbar, they are fortunate to reap the benefits of those early-adopter farmers. These early users pushed companies to constantly improve their products. And the price tag on these systems has dropped dramatically, thanks to competition and better engineering. Such is the case with auto … Read More