Bayer Seeks Hearing on Pesticide

Cindy ZimmermanBayer CropScience, EPA, Government, Pesticides

Bayer is taking its disagreement with the Environmental Protection Agency over registrations for the pesticide flubendiamide, marketed as Belt® in the United States, to the administrative level. This week, the company formally requested a hearing before EPA’s Administrative Law Judge to argue their case. Bayer has already rejected a request by EPA to voluntarily withdraw registration for flubendiamide-containing products, which … Read More

Ag Groups Ask to Join EPA Lawsuit

Kelly MarshallAg Group, EPA, Pesticides, Regulation, seed

The American Soybean Association as well as CropLife America, the American Seed Trade Association, the Agricultural Retailers Association, the National Cotton Council of America, the National Association of Wheat Growers and the National Corn Growers Association have joint an industry coalition and petitioned a federal court to allow them to join the Anderson v. McCarthy lawsuit. The suit, brought to … Read More

MAJESTENE Provides Nematode Control for Potato Growers

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Brian Ahrens, Vice President of Sales for Marrone Bio Innovations, attended the 2016 Potato Expo and shared a little with Chuck Zimmerman about their newest product offering. MAJESTENE is a bio nematicide registered by the EPA just this fall. It is a safe, new alternative for potato growers to control nematodes in the soil. Ahrens explains that MAJESTENE has been … Read More

Strider Expands Into US With Decision Making Platform

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Strider, a well-respected, agriculture-focused tech start-up in Brazil, has recently expanded in the US market. Mainly in Texas as of now, Strider is bringing it’s mission of cutting input costs to the American farmer by helping farmers monitor pests, diseases, and weeds. This platform creates value by taking the information collected by scouts on the field to be evaluated by … Read More

New HarvestMaster Field Applicator Reduces Error

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Fertilizer, Insecticide, Pesticides, Software

A provider of data solutions, HarvestMaster has launched a new applicator that allows the grower to apply various treatments to specific plots.   The applicator is set using the HarvestMaster’s Mirus software by a simple software plugin.  This technology reduces error and increases a grower’s productivity. Using the Mirus field applicator plugin, users can select which treatments to apply to … Read More

Syngenta and DSM to Develop Bio Solutions

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, biotechnology, Pesticides, Research, Syngenta

Syngenta and DSM are creating an R&D partnership to develop microbial-based agricultural solutions.  These solutions including bio-controls, bio-pesticides and bio-stimulants. Together the companies plan to commercialize the solutions on which they have collaborated. Together they hope to accelerate the finding of a broad spectrum of products that are based on naturally occurring moro-orgnaisms.  If these organisms can protect crops they would … Read More

Syngenta Webinar on Soybean Cyst Nematode

Taylor TruckeyPesticides, Soybeans, Syngenta

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) has been steadily expanding its U.S. presence since the 1950s and now, as the No. 1 pest for U.S. soybean growers, SCN accounts for $1.5 billion of lost yield annually. Despite the extensive use of SCN-resistant seed, SCN expansion has not slowed. This is due, in part, to the reliance on a single source of genetic … Read More

USDA Tries New Pest Control Method for Cotton

Kelly MarshallCotton, Pesticides, USDA, Video

The USDA has created a YouTube video featuring new ways to control the pink bollworm.  The pest has nearly been eliminated in the U.S., but flare-ups threaten the $100 billion dollar cotton industry. The solution?  Moths. When outbreaks are detected sterile moths can be released to mate with the pink bollworm, preventing offspring. Watch the full video to see the … Read More

New EPA Farm Worker Standards and Industry React

Cindy ZimmermanAFBF, ARA, Audio, Government, labor, Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Monday released updated farm worker standards to provide health protections under the law similar to those already afforded to workers in other industries. “We depend on farmworkers every day to help put the food we eat on America’s dinner tables—and they deserve fair, equitable working standards with strong health and safety protections,” said EPA Administrator … Read More

NCGA: Pesticide Bill Underscores Need for WOTUS Change

John DavisAg Group, environment, NCGA, Pesticides

Passage by a committee of a Senate bill to ease some pesticide permit restrictions underscores the need for making some changes to the government’s Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. The National Corn Growers Association is calling on Congress to pass legislation to withdraw the controversial WOTUS rule. “This bill will cut some regulatory red tape out of the pesticide … Read More