MAJESTENE Provides Nematode Control for Potato Growers

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brian-ahrensBrian Ahrens, Vice President of Sales for Marrone Bio Innovations, attended the 2016 Potato Expo and shared a little with Chuck Zimmerman about their newest product offering.

MAJESTENE is a bio nematicide registered by the EPA just this fall. It is a safe, new alternative for potato growers to control nematodes in the soil. Ahrens explains that MAJESTENE has been tested in many parts of the country and they are excited to bring it as an option for growers.

“The great thing about a product that’s derived from a natural material like MAJESTENE is you don’t have to use it once and then wait for an entire season. The great thing about natural pesticides in general is they are tolerance exempt. So they are an EPA registered product, but at the same time you could literally spray the product everyday. And you don’t have to worry about residue on your foliage and residue on your finished product. So a lot of benefits there to have a very good control for a wide variety of nematodes in the soil while not having to worry about worker safety, soil, or water. Just an environmentally friendly product.”

It’s flexibility make it a great option for both conventional and organic growers, Ahrens says. The product is liquid, allowing for many options in application and timing. All of Marrone’s products are naturally derived, so their entire line can be used during pollinator season.

To hear more about MAJESTENE, listen to Chuck’s interview with Ahrens here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Brian Ahren, Marrone Bio Innovations”]

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