Syngenta and DSM to Develop Bio Solutions

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, biotechnology, Pesticides, Research, Syngenta

syngentaSyngenta and DSM are creating an R&D partnership to develop microbial-based agricultural solutions.  These solutions including bio-controls, bio-pesticides and bio-stimulants. Together the companies plan to commercialize the solutions on which they have collaborated.

Together they hope to accelerate the finding of a broad spectrum of products that are based on naturally occurring moro-orgnaisms.  If these organisms can protect crops they would help fight resistance, as well as enhance productivity.

DSMOver the next decade, use of biological solutions is set to record double-digit growth and by 2030 could represent up to 10 percent of the global crop protection market.

Syngenta will contribute specialized know-how in agronomic applications and plant biotechnology, as well as its global market access and commercial strength. DSM will complement this with its unique microbial database, discovery platform and decades of experience in scaling and manufacturing of microbial products. Syngenta will also provide a dedicated R&D program for the selection of relevant micro-organisms.

“New microbial-based solutions will contribute to meeting the challenge of producing more food from fewer resources, benefiting farmers, consumers, the environment and society,” says Trish Malarkey, Syngenta’s Head of R&D.  “Our collaboration with DSM brings together breakthrough science and the ability to formulate and deliver biological tools on a global scale.”

“Our society asks for sustainable solutions to safeguard food and nutrition security. With DSM’s bright science in the micro-organism field, we can help address this global challenge together with Syngenta and its specialized know-how and market access. We look forward to using our long-standing experience and leading competence in bio (process) technology to accelerate the development of biological solutions for agriculture,” reports Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer of DSM.