Next Generation Corn from Dupont Pioneer

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Corn, Dupont Pioneer, Insect Control

Dupont PioneerA new line of corn is being released by DuPont Pioneer.  The newly branded, Pioneer brand Qrome will be available to stewarded on-farm trials for 2016.  DP 4114 is equipped with proven insect protection, strong agronomics, and high-yeilding capabilities. It includes Bt proteins from Herculex 1 and Herculex RW traits and is compatible with Pioneer brand corn germplasm from many hybrid platforms.

“The new line-up of Pioneer® brand Qrome™ corn products help deliver improved yields and the strength of pyramided insect protection to a wider array of hybrid platforms,” said Steve Reno, DuPont Pioneer vice president and regional business director for the United States and Canada. “By advancing Qrome™ products from the research test phase to on-farm trials, we will be able to demonstrate to growers the value that these products will bring to every acre of their own fields.”

“As part of our commitment to delivering the right product on the right acre, Pioneer deploys extensive local testing of its products before bringing them to market,” said Reno. “Qrome™ products are being tested in small plot research and IMPACT™ trials in 2015 across the Corn Belt this year under a variety of conditions and environments to ensure consistent, leading performance before commercial launch.”

In multi-year testing, Pioneer® brand hybrids containing Qrome™ product technology had insect efficacy on-par with hybrids containing the original Herculex® XTRA technology (Events TC1507 and DAS59122), but offered improved yield performance due to the technology’s compatibility with the corn germplasm.

Qrome™ product stacks have received cultivation approval in the United States and Canada and import approval in a number of key export markets. The on-farm trials will be managed under strict stewardship requirements.