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Ag Eagle If you’re in agriculture there’s a good chance you had a strong loyalty to an equipment color, maybe even before you were old enough to drive it. As Precision editor and family farmer myself I went to InfoAg wondering about a product preference of a different kind. I took the opportunity to ask a few vendors why their aerial imagery method was the best and one of those interviews was Kyle Miller with Ag Eagle’s fixed wing UAVs.

“First would be the timeliness; you can use it when you need to,” Miller told me. “So if you’re going to be out doing a side dressing of nitrogen you can fly in the morning, have a prescription map written up within a couple of hours and send that out through an applicator through some of Raven’s technology as well, like the Slingshot and the Viper 4, and then you can go out and apply a prescription map you’re getting back, literally, the same day.”

He also touted the UAVs ability to fly under cloud cover and the high-resolution of the images. Miller says some management decision can be made on the centimeter scale using Ag Eagle.

Ag Eagle is also bringing customers new things, like a partnership with Raven to utilize their dealer network to sell the UAVs. Another partnership with BotLink provides behind the seances advantages, like flight planning.

To listen and learn yourself, here is my full interview with Kyle: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Kyle Miller, Ag Eagle “]

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