WinField’s R7 Tool Takes Retailers to Next Level

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WinfieldAdam Garrestson fully believes that if you are a retailer, WinField‘s R7 tool is the most efficient way to support placing hybrids for growers.  At #InfoAg16 he told me how the product has been one of the best tools in the past, and how it’s getting better in the future.

The R7 tool offers two components from WinField, an aggregate of Answer Plot data and satellite images.   The Answer Plot contains results from more than 200 test plots where hybrids are placed in a variety of growing scenarios, environments and soil conditions.  The combined data allows retailers to help farmers pick just the right hybrid for their fields.

The satellite images come from WinField’s partner, GEOSYS.  The specially mapped fields correlate yield data from the combine to offer variable rate prescriptions for seeding and fertilizer.

In October of this year users of the R7 platform will see getting even better.  While the current version works only with iOS, the new product will be available for Android.  Other changes will make it possible to use the entire system from any device, rather than needing a laptop.

“If you are a listener who happens to work in the retail ag space I highly recommend that you checkout WinField and check out our Answer Plot system and our R7 tool because I believe it is one of the most robust platforms to help retail salesmen have an educated discussion and be that trusted advisor for a grower on his farm,” asserts Garrestson.  “This is the tool that takes him to the next level.”

For more information, listen to my full interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Adam Garrestson, WinField”]

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