GEOSYS Knows Satellites

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GEOSYS GEOSYS has been in the satellite imagery business for nearly 30 years, so they know what they’re good at, says Emily Negrin, marketing and communications. Their satellites provide data from the field to all kinds of industry professionals.

“What makes us different from people entering the satellite space is that we have developed a proprietary processing system, so we work with a wide variety of satellites and are able to take in that data, put it through our processing system, which is almost fully automated, and are able to calibrate and really kind of standardize our data. So we are able to compare data from different satellites to one another regardless of time and location,” Negrin tells AgWired.

That data can then be used in a wide variety of ways and customized for each user.

GEOSYS also knows the value of partnerships. By dovetailing their strengths with other companies GEOSYS is better able to serve their customers, offering even greater insight into what is happening in the field.

To learn more, listen to my interview with Negrin: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Emily Negrin, GEOSYS”]

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