New Holland’s Solutions Fit All Sizes

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unnamed-4 PLM stands for Precision Land Management, and it is what Luke Zerby does at New Holland. It’s also what he hopes was shared at the recent Info Ag Conference in St. Louis- the message of just how much New Holland has to offer.

“Really we’re just trying to show all the options we have here; that New Holland isn’t just a producer of excellent farm equipment, but also an excellent source of precision farming solutions as well,” Zerby explains.

Solutions like the add-on steering kit that allows for an update on an older tractor using the same interface as a machine just off from the dealership are important because New Holland strives to serve farmers of all sizes. From the small cow/calf rancher to the large-scale row crop grower, precision is the future, and everyone will need access to move forward.

Zerby says one product that has caught the attention of many customers is a system for the baler to set the speed for the tractor when putting up hay. This kind of connectivity is key. Farmers can send data seamlessly to the service providers of their choice and New Holland is also amping up their signal to make sure those kinds of connections can happen in any field. The new RTK network means sub-inch accuracy even behind buildings or trees with cell service. Custom harvesters can now travel from the southern border to Canada with the same RTK service.

Learn more about precision at New Holland in Chuck’s interview here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Luke Zerby, New Holland”]

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