Save Chemical Input Cost with Precision Farming Technology

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In the North Dakota Farm Business Management Program, coordinator Steve Metzger says producers are telling him they are using far less chemicals, saving money and the environment thanks to the tools of precision agriculture, according to a recent story in Farm & Ranch Guide. “We talk to each producer that we work with, and they are the ones telling us … Read More

How to Choose GPS/GNSS Accuracy

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If you’re just starting to look at more advanced precision agriculture practices on your farm such as auto steer, take a look at your operation to see which signal is right for you. Jonathan Hall, a grad assistant at Auburn University, offers some tips on the Precision Ag Blog. After exploring all of the equipment that can be purchased, you … Read More

Raven OmniRow Delivers Total Planting Control

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We talked briefly about the numerous new products from Raven during our Farm Progress Show coverage, but wanted to give you a closer look at several of them. For variable-rate seeding and planter control, check out the new OmniRow planter control, which works in sync with the company’s new Envizio Pro II field computer and optional Slingshot RTK/Online service. Population … Read More

Precision Steering Control Benefits Fall Applications

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Precision steering, whether assisted technology attached to the steering wheel or fully automated steering wired into hydraulics, can give you improved pass-to-pass accuracy, time and money savings, and less operator fatigue. I spoke the other day with Jeff Bentley, Ag Leader Technology’s sales manager for GPS Guidance and Steering, to get his take on the usefulness of non-human steering in … Read More

One-stop Control For All Fall Applications Saves Money

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As weather across the Corn Belt improved this week to help speed harvest, some farmers are either thinking about or applying fall fertilizer. I checked in with Ag Leader’s Chad Huedepohl yesterday, and he reminded me of the many benefits of controlling these product applications with their DirectCommand system linked with either the INTEGRA or EDGE displays. “Whether growers are … Read More

Less Stress With Auto Steering

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Anyone who has spent 12 to 16 hours in a tractor on a given day (and for several weeks during spring and fall) knows how physically and mentally exhausting that can be. Having done that throughout my youth, I knew farmers would value the ‘less stress’ aspects of auto steer just as much if not more than the potential money … Read More

New Trimble Display Touts Affordable Capabilities

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Trimble recently introduced its latest in-cab, touch screen CFX-750 display. The 8-inch, full-color display allows farmers to choose the specific guidance, steering and precision agriculture capabilities that best fit their farm’s particular needs. The farmer can upgrade the CFX-750 display as business needs change, including adding GLONASS capabilities, or adding section and rate control for crop inputs such as seed, … Read More

Precision Pasture Fertilization with GPS

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Who says livestock producers can’t benefit from precision agriculture? Ever tried to follow your tracks when spreading manure in a hayfield or pasture? Extension educators were inspired to secure the same advantages for the southwest Alabama livestock producers. “Much like row-crop farmers, livestock producers use fertilizers and herbicides to make their pastures more productive, but they often have trouble making … Read More

Precision Farming Tools Can Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

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Conservation. Sustainability. Water Quality. These hot topics are on the minds of government, and should be a continued focus by every grower. As you look at your operation, and your investment in precision farming equipment, it pays to think proactively and adopt components that can improve your environmental footprint. I spoke the other day with Iowa farmer Tim Palmer, who … Read More

New RTK Network Started By Farmers

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There’s a new cell phone modem-based RTK Network being built by farmers for farmers, starting in Illinois. Recently established by a group of agriculture industry partners, MyWay RTK LLC is introducing the first independent, open-technology RTK (Real Time Kinematic) network engineered for the specific guidance needs of growers using precision farming technologies in their operations. The network is designed to … Read More