FS Green Plan Provides Agronomy Based Solutions

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Planting season is almost upon us now, which means a new year for farmers to discover how they can increase yields and profitability. GROWMARK FS Green Plan Solutions helps farmers do just that. I recently spoke with Jim Spradlin, vice president of agronomy for FS Green Plan, about how they help their farmers. “The FS system works very hard to … Read More

Farmers Who Pursue Maximum Yields

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Achieving maximum yields is the goal when you are pursuing them and that is what the farmers who participate in the GROWMARK FS Green Plan Solutions program are accomplishing. At the recent “Pursuit of Maximum Yields” (POMY) seminar in East Peoria, I talked with Justin Green of Arthur, Illinois who participated with his father and brother in the program last … Read More

Ag Lawyer Warns “Don’t Think EPA Can’t Shut You Down”

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The challenge to American agriculture to produce more food, fuel, and fiber on decreasing acreage continues to be challenged by governmental regulation, according to Gary Baise, agricultural lawyer with Olsson, Frank, Weeda, Terman, Bode, and Matz law firm in Washington, D.C. “Don’t think they (the EPA) can’t shut you down,” he said at the recent GROWMARK FS Green Plan Solutions … Read More

Maximizing Corn and Soybean Yields

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Precision agriculture means more than just the use of equipment and technology to save time and money, it also means the “application of technologies and agronomic principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production for the purpose of improving crop performance and environmental quality.” At the recent GROWMARK FS Green Plan Solutions “In Pursuit … Read More

GROWMARK FS Helping Farmers Pursue Maximum Yields

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“The pursuit of maximum yields will take you to the next level.” That’s what GROWMARK Agronomy Services Manager Dr. Howard Brown told over 300 farmers and farm consultants meeting in Peoria on Friday for a FS Green Plan Solutions conference focused on pursuing maximum yields for corn and soybeans. “We came up with this concept of pursuit of maximum yield … Read More

Maximizing Yields for the Global Market

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FS Green Plan Solutions, part of the Growmark company, sponsored a great conference in Peoria today for about 300 farmers and consultants around Illinois and surrounding states all focused on the pursuit of maximum yields for corn and soybeans. The event started off with a dynamic presentation by Purdue University economist Dr. Mike Boehlji, who discussed the good news of … Read More

FS Green Plan Solutions is in Pursuit of Maximum Yields

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The most influential people in the world are not politicians, financial advisors, or corporate executives… They are American farmers. FS Green Plan Solutions is holding an informational conference this week in Peoria designed to help farmers pursue the maximum yields possible on their operations to continue to provide food, fiber and fuels for a growing world population. Among the presentations, … Read More

FS Green Plan Solutions New Precision.AgWired.com Sponsor

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We welcome new Precision.AgWired.com sponsor, FS Green Plan Solutions, an integrated, solutions-based approach designed to help producers enhance farm profitability by providing complete agronomic recommendations from a trusted team of FS specialists. FS Green Plan Solutions, part of the Growmark company, picked the unique online community that ZimmComm New Media has built to enhance awareness about their brands. The community … Read More