FS Green Plan Provides Agronomy Based Solutions

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Farmers, Growmark

Planting season is almost upon us now, which means a new year for farmers to discover how they can increase yields and profitability.

GROWMARK FS Green Plan Solutions helps farmers do just that. I recently spoke with Jim Spradlin, vice president of agronomy for FS Green Plan, about how they help their farmers.

“The FS system works very hard to differentiate ourselves by providing good, strong agronomic advice to our growers,” Jim told me during the “Pursuit of Maximum Yield” conference earlier this year. FS Green Plan Solutions also offers On-Farm Discovery, a scientific-method based trial program, helping farmers answer their questions on their farm with their data. The Pursuit of Maximum Yield is an On-Farm Discovery program specifically geared toward increasing yield per acre in light of a booming world population and rapidly increasing demand.

“We had some 200 On-Farm Discovery plots out last year, over 100 of them were Pursuit of Maximum Yield specific,” Jim said. “We’re doing trials on other things so that we’re extracting good information and accurate results so we can present back some of the findings from the trials.”

Jim notes that because every field, every operation and every farmer is different, everyone needs to develop their own “recipe” based on what they learn works best for them.

Listen to my interview with Jim here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/growmark/pomy-spradlin.mp3″ text=”Jim Spradlin Interview”]

FS Green Plan Solutions, an integrated, solutions-based approach designed to help producers enhance farm profitability by providing complete agronomic recommendations from a trusted team of FS specialists.