Find My Seed Updates In Time For #Plant17

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Agrible has added a new batch of over 8000 corn and 3800 soybean independent seed trials into the Find My Seed database, including trials on dicamba/RR2Y ready soybeans and soybean varieties that were recently the focus on a new label approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The biggest benefit of these updates is making early seed choices to … Read More

Enthusiasm Growing for Climate Corp’s FieldView

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Monsanto

The Climate Corporation‘s FieldView platform has only been on the market for two seasons, but Rick Myroup is pretty enthusiastic about how far the program has come in such a short amount of time. “The adoption has been rapid.  It’s really been exciting to see how farmers have gravitated to the system and have really seen the benefits of seeing … Read More

Farmobile Releases Real-Time Dashboard

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data

In the ever changing world of precision agriculture, Farmobile has raised the bar still higher.  They have announced an EFR Dashboard-  the first real-time dashboard that allows growers to visualize their field data.   The new product helps farmers with insights to increase efficiency  by saving on input costs, maximizing yield and monitoring data.  It is available now and current … Read More

IntelinAir: An MRI For Your Farm Field

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Another company that made a presence during the 2016 Develop with Deere Conference was IntelinAir, an aerial imagery analytics company that is working with farmers to turn aerial imagery into actionable insights. IntelinAir recently integrated with John Deere’s API, offering customers the ability to utilize this incredible technology even easier through MyJohnDeere. Al Eisaian, CEO & Co-Founder of IntelinAir, sat … Read More

Precision Weather Platform Forecasts Solutions

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While we can’t control the weather, understanding current and upcoming conditions is paramount in making effective crop management decisions. WxAgrios, a meteorology solutions platform that recently integrated with the John Deere Operations Center and Field Connect, is providing growers an unprecedented ability to observe and analyze weather information and forecasts directly from their fields. WxAgrios was developed by Precision Weather … Read More

AgDNA Develops With Deere Dealers

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AgDNA is one of the API Integrators John Deere uses with its precision ag software. The company’s precision ag software solution automatically pulls the data from John Deere machinery, processes it, and creates insights for growers to increase yield and lower operating costs. Chuck sat down with Paul Turner, CEO of AgDNA, during the Develop with Deere Conference last week … Read More

PrecisionHawk and Deere, Moving Forward

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PrecisionHawk attended last year’s Develop with Deere conference and already, Business Developer Nat Hyde says, they see major changes. PrecisionHawk is an ariel imaging company with a software platform called DataMapper. Last year they attended the boot camp to get started using Deere’s API.  Now, 12 months later, all of their DataMapper files can be downloaded to the Operations Center … Read More

Iteris adds Sunflowers, Sorghum to Growth Models

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Iteris, Inc. recently announced the addition of growth models for sunflower and sorghum crops into ClearAg, its digital agriculture platform, allowing ClearAg APIs to be more integrated in order to inform science-based insights for optimizing productivity, resource management and plant health for 10 species of crops that represent more than two billion metric tons of global annual production. “Our software … Read More

Proagrica Licenses Iteris for Analytics Platform

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Iteris

Iteris, Inc., has announced a lisencing deal with Proagrica for a subscription that would integrate their own weather, climatology and soil data into the Proagrica data and analytics platform for growers. The Proagrica analytics platform for agribusiness that will integrate ClearAg data will enable the automated integration of farm-collected data from farming equipment, in-field sensors, crop input transactions, including seeds, … Read More

GROWMARK System Earns Ag Data Transparent Seal

Cindy ZimmermanAudio, Data, Data Collection, Growmark

GROWMARK has become the first agricultural cooperative system to earn the “Ag Data Transparent” seal for ag technology providers, which recognizes GROWMARK for its transparency working with farmers and the standards of privacy and security of data. The Ag Data Transparency seal recognizes the GROWMARK System’s commitment to growers on how farm data is collected, where and how it’s stored … Read More