Proagrica Licenses Iteris for Analytics Platform

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data, Iteris

iteris Iteris, Inc., has announced a lisencing deal with Proagrica for a subscription that would integrate their own weather, climatology and soil data into the Proagrica data and analytics platform for growers.

The Proagrica analytics platform for agribusiness that will integrate ClearAg data will enable the automated integration of farm-collected data from farming equipment, in-field sensors, crop input transactions, including seeds, crop care and fertilizers, as well as irrigation. By combining the information from Iteris that affects plant growth and health with this type of data and analytics from Proagrica, customers will have the insights they need to make critical decisions such as what to plant where, when to harvest and store crops, and how to optimally market their production.

“We help make agriculture more sustainable and productive with big data, predictive analytics and machine learning,” said Tom Blair, SVP of Agriculture and Weather Analytics at Iteris. “By choosing to integrate Iteris ClearAg weather, climatology and soil data into their analytics platform, Proagrica will be able to provide more accurate, comprehensive and timely agricultural insights that inform the decisions of growers and agribusinesses working hard to make the best use of arable land around the globe.”

proagricaProagrica‘s business intelligence platform will integrate the data feed from Iteris, offering real-time agriculture insight from world-wide datasets.

“The goal of our neutral intelligence platform is to empower growers and agribusinesses with critical insights derived from field-level and supply chain data, creating value for all participants in the supply chain,” said Graeme McCracken, Chief Operating Officer at Proagrica. “Plugging in this vast, proprietary set of weather, climatology and soil data from Iteris will make those insights more precise, accurate and contextually relevant for our customers.”