Iteris Enhances ClearAg iOS Mobile and Web App

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ClearAg Web and Mobile have both gotten an upgrade with a new Harvest Advisor and Nutrient Advisor now ready for ag retailers, crop consultants and crop science companies to use to advisor growers. The Harvest Advisor within the iOS application now provides users with the ability to both harvest and archive crops in preparation for using the fields for new … Read More

GeoAgro to Deploy Iteris ClearAg on Two Continents

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GeoAgro has chosen Iteris‘s ClearAg web and mobile applications to launch in Agrentina, Brazil, and South Africa, and possibly other Latin American and African countries.  To make this happen, GeoAgro has entered into a subscription agreement with Iteris, allowing them to embed the ClearAg platform into its solution and distribute the final product. “Food, fiber and fuel are essential elements … Read More

Iteris adds Sunflowers, Sorghum to Growth Models

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Iteris, Inc. recently announced the addition of growth models for sunflower and sorghum crops into ClearAg, its digital agriculture platform, allowing ClearAg APIs to be more integrated in order to inform science-based insights for optimizing productivity, resource management and plant health for 10 species of crops that represent more than two billion metric tons of global annual production. “Our software … Read More

Proagrica Licenses Iteris for Analytics Platform

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Iteris, Inc., has announced a lisencing deal with Proagrica for a subscription that would integrate their own weather, climatology and soil data into the Proagrica data and analytics platform for growers. The Proagrica analytics platform for agribusiness that will integrate ClearAg data will enable the automated integration of farm-collected data from farming equipment, in-field sensors, crop input transactions, including seeds, … Read More

Iteris Introduces ClearAg Insights Mobile App

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Iteris, Inc. is now offering crop scouting help at your fingertips with their new ClearAg Insights mobile app.  This tool provides users with site-specific diagnostics, determination of recommended actions, and post-even analysis.  The app can help in the decision-making process by identifying optimal windows for planting, irrigation, fertilization, pest and weed control and harvest based on economics, weather, soil and … Read More

ClearAg Offers Scouting Webinar

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ClearAg is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 3:00 pm CT/1:00 pm PT. “Know When and What to Scout” will include a presentation by Sales Director Dane Kuper. The program promises information about when to scout, what to look for, identifying the challenges in scouting, and how to make the best decision with the information. Participants will … Read More

Iteris Provides Growers with New ClearAg Mobile

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Iteris ClearAg Mobile is a newly launched grower analytics application that uses information about weather, water, soil and crop growth to offer field-specific advisories to the grower.  The program includes: Crop Growth and Health Advisor, Nutrient Advisor, Pest and Disease Advisor, Planting Advisor, Scouting Advisor, Soil, Weather and Water Advisor, and Timeline Advisor. ClearAg Mobile is a mobile application powered by … Read More

Iteris Signs ClearAg Agreement with Bayer

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A new agreement will allow Bayer Crop Science to offer growers useful insights to improve crop efficiency.  Using their ClearAg Weather and Soil API’s, Iteris, Inc., will provide timely, high-resolution atmospheric and land surface information.  The combination of data from ClearAg APIs and the expert knowledge will further Bayer’s ability to deliver global digital farming tools. “We look forward to assisting … Read More

Iteris, GEOSYS Partnership Offers Enhanced Weather Content

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The partnership of a global satellite- and weather-based insights company with a leader in information solutions for the transportation/ag markets will provide enhanced weather content through the integration of Iteris’ ClearAg API and GEOSYS Croptical monitoring application. “Our dual expertise — in agriculture and the high-tech world — is at the core of our identity and our commitment to clients,” … Read More

Iteris Signs ClearAg Agreement with Minnesota Wheat

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Iteris, Inc. has entered into an agreement with the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council (MWRPC) to provide wheat growers with custom weather and soil data to localize wheat disease models.  The delivery platform is Iteris’ precision data program, ClearAg.  MWRPC members will be able to view high-resolution data to make better decisions on fungicide applications using this app. Specifically, … Read More