IntelinAir: An MRI For Your Farm Field

Lizzy SchultzAgribusiness, Audio, Data, drone, John Deere, UAV

jd-develop-16-eisaian Another company that made a presence during the 2016 Develop with Deere Conference was IntelinAir, an aerial imagery analytics company that is working with farmers to turn aerial imagery into actionable insights. IntelinAir recently integrated with John Deere’s API, offering customers the ability to utilize this incredible technology even easier through MyJohnDeere.

Al Eisaian, CEO & Co-Founder of IntelinAir, sat down with Chuck during this year’s events to discuss how the company works and the value it provides to farmers.

IntelinAir’s technology works like an MRI for a farm field. The company obtains aerial imagery by flying over farmers’ lands over 8 to 12 times per growing season and then analyzes those images using algorithms that process the imagery to find where any problems are.

“The main value of the company is that we provide holistic control over all of the farmers’ fields in one view, we deliver early warnings via messages to their mobile devices if we ever see problems, and we give farmers the ability to make in-season decisions at their fingertips,” said Eisaian.

Learn more in Chuck’s full interview with Al here:
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