Farmobile Releases Real-Time Dashboard

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, Data

farmobileIn the ever changing world of precision agriculture, Farmobile has raised the bar still higher.  They have announced an EFR Dashboard-  the first real-time dashboard that allows growers to visualize their field data.   The new product helps farmers with insights to increase efficiency  by saving on input costs, maximizing yield and monitoring data.  It is available now and current users can get an instant upgrade immediately.

Every farm has a unique combination of inputs–such as production practices, seed varieties, planting dates, and seeding populations–that produce the best return on investment. Using the new dashboard, farmers can easily compare yield performance, relative to these input and management decisions to correlate cause and effect and to validate which best practices and mix of inputs maximizes outcomes.

“Data is quickly becoming the lifeblood of ag tech,” said Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile. “Farmers have to be able to reasonably assess what has happened historically in order to understand yield and planting patterns. With the EFR Dashboard, farmers can take their complete data sets collected by Farmobile, and use them to truth their hunches. We’re helping farmers leverage data to optimize their farm’s profitability.”