Agrible, Crop Copter Donate to Future of Ag

Kelly MarshallAg Group, Agrible, FFA

Agrible, Inc. and Crop Copter are proud to support the Illinois FFA and Illinois 4-H as apart of their campaign to build up future ag leaders and stress their importance to the agriculture community. They took the opportunity at a recent trade show event to make donations as they spoke to the students about what they hoped to see for the … Read More

Agrible Pocket Drone Control App Makes Drones Easy

Kelly MarshallAerial Imagery, Agrible, Agribusiness, Data, Scouting

The Pocket Drone Control app from Agrible is making it easier for growers to gather insights from ariel images. The new software works with Crop Copter’s UAVs to find damage in a field from weather or pests. The iOS app works with the Morning Farm Report suite of analytic tools that provide decision-making information about everything from when fields are … Read More

New Agrible Pocket Spray Smart App

Kelly MarshallAgrible, Agribusiness, Apps, Spraying

Agrible has a new iOS app to help farmers decide when to spray their fields. Pocket Spray Smart is a free app that works with Agrible’s Morning Farm Report software that helps plan applications, when to get equipment into the fields, and what to expect for yields. Agrible’s Spray Smart technology in Morning Farm Report shows a farmer what the conditions look … Read More

Find My Seed Updates In Time For #Plant17

Lizzy SchultzAgrible, Agribusiness, Company Announcement, Data, Planting, seed

Agrible has added a new batch of over 8000 corn and 3800 soybean independent seed trials into the Find My Seed database, including trials on dicamba/RR2Y ready soybeans and soybean varieties that were recently the focus on a new label approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The biggest benefit of these updates is making early seed choices to … Read More

Agrible Links Up, from #NAFB16

Kelly MarshallAgrible, Agribusiness, Audio, NAFB

Chuck Zimmerman interviewed Jason Little with Agrible just a few months ago, but at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk event, Little had something new to share. Agrible’s Morning Farm Report is now available through the John Deere Operations Center. “I have yet to met the grower who wants to enter the information twice– and quite honestly, … Read More

Agrible Partners with The Equity to Offer New Tools

Kelly MarshallAgrible, Agribusiness, Data

Agrible, Inc. and The Equity (formerly Effingham Equity) are working together to offer the predictive analytics tools inside Agrible’s Morning Farm Report to The Equity’s GoSmart Analytics customers. GoSmart Analytics users can now access industry-leading data insights as well as help with on-farm decision making. By signing up for GoSmart Analytics, growers receive up-to-date weather forecasts, in-season yield forecasts, and … Read More

Agrible Joins Field to Market

Lizzy SchultzAg Group, Agrible, Agribusiness, Company Announcement, sustainability

Agrible, Inc. recently announced that the company has joined on as an associate member of Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. Field to Market is working to unite the agricultural supply chain through the defining, measuring and advancing of sustainable practices in food, fiber and fuel production in the United States. “We’ve been using our technology to tackle … Read More

Morning Farm Report Adds New Features

Cindy ZimmermanAgrible, Data, technology

Agrible, Inc. has announced new features and significant enhancements to Morning Farm Report™, their suite of predictive analytics tools for growers and agricultural companies. Tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine, Spray Smart™, Drone Plan, and Field Story™ have been added to the yield estimates, fieldwork recommendations, and weather forecasts already provided by Morning Farm Report. Each new tool adds more data … Read More

Agrible Joins With Illinois Corn for Precision Conservation

Cindy ZimmermanAgrible, Conservation, Corn, technology

Agrible, Inc. is joining with the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA) and other partners to implement the Precision Conservation Management Program (PCM), which was recently awarded a $5.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Illinois Corn is excited to have Agrible as a partner in the PCM program,” said Laura Gentry, Director of Water Quality Science. “We share … Read More

Agrible Making Big Impression at #NFMS16

Taylor TruckeyAgrible, Agribusiness, Audio, National Farm Machinery Show, Nutrient Management, weather

Agrible, a relatively new company launched in 2014, is making a big impact with their products at the National Farm Machinery Show this week. Agrible’s Morning Farm Report was presented with the 2016 AE50 Award for Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology just prior to the show. “Morning Farm Report sends out an email report each morning that shares … Read More