Brookside Agra Encourages Biological for Health Soil

Kelly MarshallAgribusiness, biologicals

h20excelGetting the most out of soil and biomass after harvest is important, and using biologicals can be part of that, says Ben Elliott, Vice-Presiden of Agronomy Operations at Brookside Agra.  A biological with components to support growth, like the all-natural H2O Excel can break down biomass quickly, making nutrients available to plants in time for spring planting.

“In what I call ‘digester-type programs,’ we are showing improved break down of biomass when using a biological. If using a biological alone, however, the process can still be slow and of little effect,” said Elliott. “Remember that biologicals function according to environmental factors like temperature and moisture. If you apply a biological alone, it may only have species that respond to those environmental factors present when they are applied.”

The best program is to get as many biologicals in the sprayer as possible, Elliot says.  That gives them the food necessary to multiply rapidly.

“There are products on the market today that are designed to contain all of the needed components for this type of operation, but be very careful when making a selection,” he said. “I have witnessed many cases where the guaranteed analysis was not accurate or the biological component had died and was not available at all. Always use a trusted source for these types of products. If you are unsure, contact an agronomist to help you make a decision.”

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